Apple Pay joins eftpos for ANZ Access customers

ANZ Access debit card holders, get your iPhones ready because you’ll now be able to use Apple Pay on your next coffee run.

Apple Pay allows Aussies to make purchases through their devices, like smartphones or laptops, providing a safer and faster way to pay.

The system works by using a unique Device Account Number, instead of card details to ensure security and fraud prevention - card numbers are not stored on the device or on Apple servers either.

“Customers can set their account preference out of CHQ/SAV and then save themselves entering their account each time they pay. After providing trusted, secure card-based payments for 30 years, eftpos can now also be used to make mobile payments,” said Acting CEO for eftpos, Paul Jennings.

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Apple Pay is currently compatible with iPhone SE, 6 and later models.

“We know from experience that Australian consumers increasingly want to use mobile payment services and so we’re happy to be working with eftpos in enabling Apple Pay as an option for our 1.6 million ANZ eftpos Access cardholders,” Jennings said.

Although ANZ are the first financial institution to welcome Apple Pay for eftpos, Android users still have access to ANZ's’ Mobile Pay, an app that can be downloaded from Google Play to make payments through smartphones.

And until Apple Pay is available with other major banks, Aussies are reminded about the importance of maintaining credit and debit card safety to prevent hacking. If you need a quick brush up on your card safety knowledge, you can check out our guide or read our quick tips below.

How to practise good card safety

  • Never reveal your card details over the phone or email
  • Make sure the front of a URL has a ‘padlock’ symbol before shopping online
  • Avoid saving your card details when shopping on your favourite online stores  
  • Do not use public WiFi for bank transfers and online purchases

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