Debit cards vs Credit cards

Trying to work out whether you should get a debit or a credit card? Outlined below are some of the common features and clear differences between the card types to help you in your decision.

Debit cards Credit cards
No risk of falling into credit debt hell Money for food at the end of the pay-cycle
Attached to bank account, so you can see what's there to spend Direct debit options to avoid debt - with one potentially large monthly payment
Credit line facilities to cover overdraws - with potentially large penalty fees Credit debt is effectively an expensive personal loan
Rewards points - disallowed by the likes of Woolworths Reward points everywhere - typically with a larger annual fee
No credit rating risk Multiple credit cards can impact on your credit rating, regardless of the balance
Widely accepted Widely accepted
Fraud protection Fraud protection
Internet shopping Internet shopping
Phone purchases Phone purchases
Overseas transactions... Overseas transactions...

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