Introducing OpalPay - the new system helping Aussies ‘tap’ into different destinations

For many Aussies, the journey to work often begins with two taps: one with their Opal card and the other to pay for breakfast with their debit card.

But it seems that Sydney trains aren’t the only thing getting a revamp as Aussies will now be able to use their Opal card to ‘tap on’ at participating privately-operated transport services, like the Manly Fast Ferry.

The new service, called ‘OpalPay’, allows customers to travel within a wider range of transport services without the need for a ticket, making it a more convenient way to pay.

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Speaking of payment, OpalPay’s fares are a little different to standard Opal fares. With OpalPay, the price of travel is set by the operators.

The following Opal cards can be used with OpalPay:

  • Child/Youth cards
  • Gold card/pensioner cards
  • Concession cards
  • Adult cards

However, free travel Opal cards, school Opal cards and single trip Opal cards are currently not compatible with OpalPay.

If you’ve got a concession Opal card, be sure to check with the staff prior to travelling, as concession fares may not be available on all services.

With OpalPay, travellers won’t need to remember to ‘tap off’ either as the fare will be automatically deducted from their Opal card.  

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Aussie travellers could also find themselves tapping onto a three night cruise across the Murray River, as Captain Cook Cruises are also expected to offer OpalPay in 2018.

And since we all love a bit of freedom and convenience wherever possible, travellers may soon be able to buy their morning coffee within their station’s cafe or onboard private ferries with their Opal card, similar to a debit card.

So before you next hop on board a ferry or cruise, keep an eye out for a sign that reads ‘OpalPay accepted here’- oh and remember to top up! 

But until we can order a skim latte with our Opal cards, it looks like our debit cards are the next best thing. So why not have a browse of our debit card comparison tool to check out some of the latest debit card deals.