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Fuel provider Ampol has recently entered the energy market. So far, they are only providing energy plans to customers in South East Queensland but they have plans to expand along the east-coast of Australia in the future. 

Ampol is currently developing a range of energy options including Green Power and carbon offset products. 

If you’re interested, you can join the waitlist now to be first to know about new developments.

Who is Ampol Energy?

Ampol Energy is part of Ampol Limited, an Australian petrol company. It’s the largest transport energy distributor and retailer in Australia. The company says they are moving into the energy market to meet the future energy needs of their mobility customers. 

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Where is Ampol Energy available?

So far, Ampol Energy plans are only available to customers in eligible parts of SouthEast Queensland. However, they have plans to expand in the near future.

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Ampol Energy electricity and gas plans and packages

Ampol Energy only offers one electricity plan called the ‘Powering On Plan.’ This plan is competitively priced and customers get the added benefit of being able to save $0.10 per litre on fuel if they stop at an eligible Ampol petrol station.

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Ampol Energy features to keep in mind

Payment options

You can choose to pay your energy bill manually or by setting up a direct debit payment.

Environmentally friendly energy options

Ampol doesn’t have any carbon neutral energy options yet, however the business is working on carbon neutral offerings and hopes to provide them as soon as possible.

Discounts on fuel

Ampol Energy customers can get a discount of $0.10 per litre on petrol when they shop at eligible Ampol petrol stations. There are over 600 participating Ampol locations in Australia. To get this discount, you need to download the Ampol app and log in using the same email address you used to sign up for your energy plan.

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Switching and moving with Ampol Energy

If you live in an eligible area, you can sign up for an Ampol energy plan online. 

Unless you have a fixed term contract with your current energy provider, you should be able to switch to Ampol for free. Once you’ve signed up, Ampol will contact your existing provider to arrange the transfer which should happen within 1-3 business days and shouldn’t cause an interruption to your power supply. 

If you’re moving house, you can’t transfer your existing Ampol plan. However, if your new address is in an eligible area, you can sign up for the same plan at your new address. But keep in mind that the rates might change.

If you want to cancel an energy plan, you can contact Ampol’s customer service team. There are also no exit fees associated with Ampol Energy.

Ampol Energy customer reviews

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