Bright Spark Power Electricity

While Bright Spark Power might be new on the electricity scene, its conception actually occurred in late 2016 at a weekend BBQ. Bright Spark Power is an electricity retailer that believes renewable electricity should be the norm for all Aussie households.

Who is Bright Spark Power?

What do you get when you gather a bunch of regular Aussies and a passion for a sustainable future? Bright Spark Power. This electricity retailer is all for cleaner electricity, supporting climate change action and best of all, competitive electricity prices for customers.

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Where is Bright Spark Power available?

If you’re in New South Wales and Queensland, you can sign up to be a Bright Spark Power customer. However, the retailer does have plans to expand to South Australia and Victoria.

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Bright Spark Power electricity plans and packages

Bright Spark Power believes electricity plans should be two things: simple and competitive. That’s why they have only two products to choose from, their 12 month contract product and ‘no contract’ product. 

With the 12 month contract product, customers enjoy a fixed electricity rate for a year and pay $0 in connection fees. This may be a great pick for households who like the security in knowing their electricity rate won’t change. What’s even better is that Bright Spark Power not only vows to never increase your rate, but they’ll pass on the savings to customers if prices fall. 

On the other hand, the no contract product features a variable electricity rate, but has the freedom of no fixed terms. There is also a $19 connection to consider. 

Both plans feature monthly billing, allowing you to easily squeeze your electricity bill into your monthly budget, no credit or payment processing fees and a 9c/kWh solar feed-in tariff rate. Just keep in mind, there is a $40 early exit fee with both Bright Spark Power products.

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Bright Spark Power features to keep in mind

Renewable focused 

It doesn’t take much to realise that Bright Spark Power are proud supporters of renewable energy and cleaner electricity, and are after customers who feel the same way. 

Aussie owned and operated 

They’re 100% local, as they created the company ‘for the benefit of Australians’. 

No tricks 

With Bright Spark Power, there are no tricks or gimmicks, just simple and competitive electricity plans. There are also no confusing discounts, credits or bonuses, so you always know what you’re paying for. 

Sustainable ambitions 

Bright Spark Power have got some pretty big things lined up for the future, starting with 50% of their electricity sourced from renewables in 5 years and 100% in 10. They’re also designing low cost battery storage solutions and creating programs for forest regeneration.

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Switching and moving with Bright Spark Power

Whether you’re looking to switch to or move with Bright Spark Power, you’ll be happy to know that the process is as easy as pie. If you’re switching, contact their customer service team to organise a connection transfer. From there, they’ll aim to have the connection complete within three business days, although it can take 15 in some cases. 

And if you’re moving house and would like to take Bright Spark Power with you, place an ‘order’ via their website with your move in date. If you’re in NSW or QLD and place your order before 2pm, prior to your move in date, Bright Spark Power can have your home connected the next business day!

Bright Spark Power customer reviews

The Mozo communicty has rated Bright Spark Power products and services on different specifications ranging from pricing and bill clarity to customer satisfaction and green energy.

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Bright Spark Power Electricity
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  • Bright Spark Power Electricity

    Great work on providing cleaner electricity for Au

    Great work on providing cleaner electricity for Australia.

    Green Friendly
    Ethan, Queensland, reviewed 4 months ago
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