GloBird Energy

GloBird Energy is an independent energy provider that has decided to venture into gas after proving its excellence with electricity. Its gas and electricity services and products also took out a number of Mozo Experts Choice Awards in 2020.

Who is GloBird Energy?

GloBird Energy is a Victorian energy provider, that offers gas to both residents and business around the state. It’s plans come with a number of flexible and convenient features.

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Where is GloBird Energy available?

As a Melbourne based business, GloBird Energy focuses on getting gas to homes and businesses in its home state, only providing its services to those in Victoria.

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GloBird Energy gas plans and packages

GloBird Energy offers a number of different gas plans to both businesses and residents. The cost of your plan will vary depending on which gas distributor you get connected with and where you’re located. However you’ll find yourself with the same handy features, no matter where you are.

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GloBird Energy features to keep in mind

No lock in contracts
GloBird believes that once you sign up you’ll want to stay, so they won’t cage you with any multi-year contracts; you can switch providers whenever you want, no hassle.

Great Value
GloBird Energy prides themselves on having the best rates on the market and in most situations you won’t be able to find a better price. Often if a competitor lowers their price, they’ll be quick to follow suit, just so they can stay the lowest.

For those customers that pay their gas bill on time, they’ll find themselves making quite the savings. For home residents, your payment punctuality can save up to 35% off your bill, while business gas customers will receive up to 15% on time discount.

Monthly payments
Quarterly payments can creep up and lead to bill shock, all while making it harder to pay on time and ensure you get that pay-on-time discount. GloBird Energy’s monthly payments aim to make it easier and more convenient to make payments.

Flexible payment options
Each person has their own preferred way they like to pay their bills and GloBird Energy provides a number of avenues for you to do that; whether it’s debit card, credit card or BPAY. You’re also able to set up a direct debit account that pays the bill everytime it rolls around, making sure you’re never late

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Switching and moving with GloBird Energy

If you are keen to move properties, but still want to have a gas plan with GloBird Energy, there’s a simple process for allowing you to do so. The first thing you’ll need to do is give GloBird a call and organise with them the particulars of where you live, where you’re moving to and some personal and account details. Then you’ll decide on a time and they’ll make sure to send someone out within 15 working days. After this you should be all up and running with GloBird gas.

GloBird Energy customer reviews

The Mozo communicty has rated GloBird Energy products and services on different specifications ranging from pricing and bill clarity to customer satisfaction and green energy.

Curious what the Mozo community thought about GloBird Energy? Then check out these customers reviews.

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GloBird Energy Gas
6.0 /10
Bill clarity
Customer service
1 reviews

Recent GloBird Energy gas reviews

  • GloBird Energy Gas review

    Overall rating   6 / 10
    Decent rate, confusing bills.

    Price seems to be pretty on par with other providers. But the bills are not reader friendly at all.

    8 / 10
    Bill clarity
    5 / 10
    Customer service
    7 / 10
    Gemma, Victoria, reviewed about 1 year ago
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