Glow Power Electricity

Meet Glow Power, one of the latest electricity providers to hit Aussie shores! Like many new retailers, Glow Power is focused on bringing transparency and seamless electricity into the market.

Who is Glow Power?

Glow Power is an electricity retailer with more than 30 years experience within the energy industry. The retailer says that managing and paying your electricity bill should be a seamless, budget friendly and transparent experience. 

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Where is Glow Power available?

At the moment, Glow Power electricity plans are currently available in residential areas within New South Wales and Queensland. There is no information as to whether the retailer would expand to other states in the future. 

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Glow Power electricity plans and packages

One of the most important things about Glow Power’s electricity plans is that you’ll have your pick of two options: its Saver and Standing Offer plan, where both are available on either an anytime or time-of-use tariff. 

It’s worth mentioning that the type of plan you choose will determine how much your usage rate and daily supply charge will be. For example, if you are within the Ausgrid network and opted for the Saver plan with an anytime tariff, you’ll be charged a usage rate of 22.83 cents/kWh and a daily supply charge of 91.58 cents/kwh. 

However, the time-of-use tariff has a daily supply charge of 120.32 cents/kWh and a usage rate of between 14.70 to 36.31 cents/kwh. Plus, there’s a solar feed-in tariff of 7 cents/kwh, which is available across all electricity plans. 

Both electricity plans also feature no exit fees or lock-in contracts and have a monthly billing cycle, allowing you to easily fit the cost into your monthly budget. Just keep in mind that if you are planning on signing up or are moving house in the future, there is a $11.96 connection and disconnection fee.

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Glow Power features to keep in mind

  • Fans of technology

    A brand new retailer means brand new technology! Glow Power is a highly tech-focused company, as it can help enhance customer experience and improve the industry. 

    Helpful customer service

    Thanks to their attentive customer service team, Glow Power will keep you in the know of new offers or products that come into play, plus will take care of any issues or enquiries you may have. 

    No hassle

  • In the event that Glow Power isn't the right fit for your household, it’s easy to opt out of your plan, as there are no exit fees or lock in contracts. 


  • Paying your bill is made easy with Glow Power due to its monthly billing cycle and the option to via direct debit, your credit card or BPay. 

    Clear and simple pricing

  • As a Glow Power customer, you can rest easy knowing there are no gimmicks or sneaky tactics, just simple electricity rates and clear fees. 

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Switching and moving with Glow Power

If you think Glow Power might be a good fit, then you’ll need to get in touch with the retailer’s customer service team. According to Glow Power, the time it takes to switch over varies between households, however should take no longer than two weeks. 

Once you’ve submitted your application and given Glow Power the go ahead, you’ll then be able to check in for an update on your progress. And the good news is that your power supply will remain uninterrupted during the process

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Glow Power Electricity

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