Pounce Pet Insurance award-winning policy 2019

Man with glasses and a beard, sits on a blue sofa playing with cat. There is a graphic image in the corner of a 2019 Mozo Experts Choice badge for Pet Insurance.

Want your furry friends to have the best pet insurance money can buy? Look no further than a 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Award winning policy from Pounce Pet Insurance.

After comparing 28 different pet insurance providers, crunching all the numbers and assessing all the information, Mozo’s expert judging panel concluded that Pounce Pet Insurance’s Premium Cover Plan really lived up to its name. So they awarded it the 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Award for Exceptional Quality Pet Insurance. 

As Mozo banking expert Peter Marshall said “Pounce Pet Insurance’s Premium Cover policy really held up to scrutiny, with a number of benefits on offer including cover for cruciate ligament conditions and a generous annual limit of $20,000.”

Our Mozo experts combed through all the information available in each pet insurance provider’s Product Disclosure Statement and website, to determine which policies were really offering pet owners exceptional quality cover. Price didn’t factor into the judging in this particular category, which focussed on policies offering a wide-range of benefits and at least $12,000 of cover.

About Pounce Pet Insurance

Underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company and promoted by Insurance Australia Limited, Pounce Pet Insurance’s award-winning Premium Cover comes with a lot of clout. Pounce Pet Insurance is run by pet owners for pet owners; the minds behind this policy know that your pet is more than just a furry friend, it's part of the family. 

Pounce Pet Insurance’s award-winning Premium Cover pet insurance policy

Pounce Pet Insurance’s award-winning Premium Cover policy can provide cover for your kitties and doggie pals. The plan’s key features include:

You’ll also be relieved to hear that the Premium Cover plan has $0 excess to pay and that you can use any licensed vet in Australia to treat your fluffy felines and curious canines.

As with all types of insurance it’s always best to read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before signing on the dotted line, so that you can be sure of what the policy does and doesn’t include. The PDS can be found on Pounce Pet Insurance’s website.

Want to know more about the Mozo Experts Choice Awards?

The Mozo experts have been reviewing a range of products from car insurance to life and travel insurance for six years now. Our experts read all the fine print and meticulously scrutinise each product to find the best offers around, so that you can feel more confident in your choice.

For the Exceptional Quality awards we weighed up the generosity of benefits with the flexibility of each pet insurance provider’s plan. The deciding factors for this particular award came down to benefit percentage, annual benefit limit, cover for routine care and dental care (which a lot of insurance providers do not cover). You can read more about our criteria in our methodology report.

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