10 quick and easy Christmas gifts for your pet

cat and dog cuddling

One way to show love for your pet is by having Christmas prezzies waiting under the tree. So don’t skimp this holiday season and give the gift they deserve for all their love and cuddles.

To help you find the perfect present, we’ve curated a simple list of affordable to luxurious gifts to give your furry friends. These 10 gift ideas will pawsitively impress your pet this Christmas. 

1. Travel Water bottle

You never know where the nearest bubbler is. With this nifty water bottle you can make sure your furry friend stays hydrated as needed.

2. Ball launcher

Having a dog is fun, until your arm is sore from endless games of fetch. With this ball launcher you can sit back and watch your dog play by themselves.

3. Personalised Stockings

If you put up stockings every year, maybe it's time to include your fur baby in the lineup. Having a paw print stocking can make your Christmas decorations stand out, but is also a reminder to Santa that even the smallest member of your family needs treats.

4. Automatic Pet Feeder

If your animal friend was a recent addition during lockdown, they might not be used to you having a life outside of the home. With this automatic pet feeder you can make sure your pet gets their lunch at the right time. It’s like you’re there with them … sort of.

5. Automatic Laser Light 

This is a great way to keep your cat entertained and stimulated while you work. No more of your sweet feline walking all over your keyboard (at least for a little while).

6. Wickedbone Smart Bone

If you work from home this could be the perfect gift for your four-legged companion. This electronic bone can keep your dog entertained for hours while you attend meetings and get some work done.

7. The Furbaby Bed

Everyone deserves to have the best bed to sleep on. With this extra soft pet bed, your furry baby will be sleeping on clouds - and potentially not on your bed. 

8. Luxury Pet Carrier

Do you have a high maintenance pet who acts like they own the place? A luxurious pet carrier could reinforce their royalty status to the world.

9. Bird Travel Bag

Speaking of travel bags, if you have a bird you could get your feathered friend the gift of the outdoors! With this bag you can take your bird anywhere, without the fear of mynas interfering.

10. Pet Insurance

Out of all the gifts you can give your animal friend, pet insurance could be the best of all. While it’s not something you can wrap and put under the Christmas tree, have peace of mind knowing that if anything happens, they can get the care they need from a vet. 

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