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Your ultimate guide for exchanging AUD to CAD

Want to know more about what's involved in transferring money to Canada? With details on provider types, fees and rates to everything in between, our tell all guide will provide you with all the info you need to make an informed foreign exchange transfer...

Who offers international money transfers to Canada?

Exchanging and transferring money from AUD to CAD is easier than ever, with plenty of financial services offering competitive FX services. So long as you have a Canadian bank account in your name (or details of the person or institution you are sending it to), you’re almost there. It’s important you secure the best AUD to CAD exchange rate and find a service with just the right features suited to you for a smooth transfer. Let’s compare the main international money transfer provider types available in Australia:


Several Aussie banks offer international money transfers, including the big four. But before you rush and choose your favourite bank for your international money transfer, keep in mind they may not offer the most competitive AUD to CAD exchange rates. It’s common for banks to apply the highest margins on exchange rates, resulting in less competitive CAD results. On the other hand, some banks are household names, have built consumer trust on high accountability and exceptional customer service.

Foreign exchange specialists:

You could be forgiven for thinking foreign exchange specialists were only available to the big punters trading large amounts of money. As it turns out, FX specialists offer AUD to CAD transfers at competitive rates for everyone and generally apply lower margins than banks do. Keep in mind, you’ll generally have to forfeit face-to-face service though, as most of them operate solely online.

Peer-to-peer FX specialists:

Not only can you send money to Canada using banks and FX specialists, but peer-to-peer providers too. The peer-to-peer process works a little differently than other ways of transferring money. Customers or “peers” set rates instead of the peer-to-peer specialist and they exchange currencies via an online trading platform or “marketplace”. The peer-to-peer specialist will usually charge a fee per transfer, which is usually much less than the margins banks and FX specialists apply to exchange rates. While you may find the best AUD to CAD exchange rates in peer-to-peer marketplaces, the time it takes is dependent on peers trading at the time. This can result in longer waiting periods.

What is the process of transferring money to Canada?

1. Setting up an account

Once you’ve found the best AUD to CAD exchange rate on this page, you’ll need to click a “go to site” icon and head right on over to the provider’s site. Unless you’ve picked a bank with branches for the AUD to CAD transfer, you’ll most likely need to register online. Depending on the provider, setting up an account could take a few minutes to a few days. Have your proof of ID documents such as your driver’s licence and passport ready to go, plus bank account details. After all, you’ll want to lock in the best AUD to CAD exchange rate when you see it without delay!

2. Placing the foreign exchange order

Now you’re signed up and ready to place an order, it’s important to get it right. That’s why FX transfers can involve:

- Meticulously ensuring you type in the correct beneficiary bank account details, so those precious Canadian dollars arrive in the right place. 

- Approving the FX transfer more than once for security reasons. This could involve verification by phone even after you’ve placed the order online. 

- Disclosing why you’re sending money to Canada to comply with international anti money laundering and terrorism laws.

- Paying more for an express delivery service so your funds arrive in the nominated account sooner than the usual turnaround.

3. Checking for fees charged by the receiving bank

Sometimes banks can charge more for processing international money transfers, and financial institutions in Canada are no exception. If you don’t want the beneficiary bank to dip into the funds you’re sending through, do some homework first. You may want to nominate an alternative Canadian bank account that doesn’t deduct a percentage of the amount you’re sending or charge fees. When it comes to IMT specialists and providers they can’t control these fees, and the burden will fall on you. If there’s no way around beneficiary bank fees, you may need to send more AUD than you initially thought.

Factors to consider with AUD to CAD transfers:

Exchange rates: Putting aside fees and charges, the best exchange rate from AUD to CAD will give you the highest Canadian dollar amount. Every numerical fraction counts, especially when you’re sending large sums of money! For example, at the time of writing, a $10,000 IMT transfer to CAD using FX specialist WorldFirst will give you $9,464. To draw a comparison, one bank will only offer you $8,973 CAD. That’s a $491CAD difference!

Fees: Another thing to consider when choosing an IMT provider is the fee structure. Some financial institutions will take a chunk out of the total AUD amount you are sending. Others may charge more for currencies that are difficult to obtain (often these are dubbed “exotic” currencies) - the good news is, CAD is not one of them. Fees are important to consider too if you’re only sending a few hundred dollars. Some IMT specialists and banks will charge per transaction, not on how much you are sending. Which is why, if you're transferring a small amount, finding a currency transfer with low or no fees is important.

Transfer times: Foreign exchange transfer times can be different to the everyday online banking processes you are used to. In fact, some international FX specialists only operate within one time zone, and when its FX market is open. This means you can forget about exchanging money to Canada on weekends.

Customer service: Sure, we live in a technological era, but if you’d rather speak to customer representatives on the phone or walk into a physical branch to transfer money, go for a bank or one of the bigger foreign exchange providers. Sometimes the downside of finding the the best exchange rates is not having access to staff other than email. Others will assign you an account manager to give you general advice on exchange rates and market conditions. Keep these things in mind when you’re looking to transfer AUD to CAD.

Transfer features: If you’re going to buy a big ticket item in Canada later down the track and see a killer exchange rate now, some IMT specialists offer forward contracts. This allows you to lock in a rate for a future foreign exchange transfer. Look out for information about this contract type on provider sites. If you are in a rush to send those funds, ask and it may be possible for the transfer to be done as an Express transfer and finalised even sooner for an extra cost.  For more complex transaction types like exchanging and transferring several currencies, consider discussing your Split currency options with an account manager through an IMT specialist or bank offering this service.

Tips for sending money to Canada

  • 1. Keep an eye on exchange rates: Be ready to take advantage of a great foreign exchange rate when you see it! You can do this easily by regularly checking the rates at the top of this page.
  • 2. Bundle up transfers to minimise fees: Sometimes transferring less often and in large quantities will mean you pay less in fees. 3. Ensure your money is safe: No one likes a scam, so stay away from providers that aren’t regulated by ASIC. Luckily, here at Mozo we only compare licensed and regulated IMT foreign exchange providers, so scroll up and compare rates now!