Get 2 months of free mobile service with Tangerine’s Egg-citing Easter Offer

Woman takes a selfie with painted Easter eggs

Tangerine’s Egg-citing Easter Offer runs throughout April, offering customers the chance to basket a 4G or 5G mobile phone plan for free for the first two months. 

Tangerine’s range of SIM only mobile phone plans all run on the Telstra network, meaning you can hop onto Australia’s largest provider of mobile coverage and enjoy connection almost anywhere in the country. 

There are no lock-in contracts for Tangerine mobile phone plans, but they all come with up to 500GB of data banking (for your unused monthly data) as an incentive to stay on board.

As with most mobile phone plans in this day and age, you’ll benefit from unlimited standard national calls and texts across the range. Just make sure you check how much it costs to make international calls, especially if you plan on calling overseas relatives to wish them a happy Easter. 

If you’re travelling overseas this Easter, you’ll be pleased to learn you can actually add travel packs to each of these Tangerine mobile phone plans, making international roaming more cost-effective. 

Each of these discounted Tangerine mobile phone plans comes with different data inclusions, depending on your needs and budget. But download speeds are capped at a generous 100MBPS – more than enough speed to stream HD video – on 4G plans, and capped at 250MBPS if you opt for the 5G plan. 

The Tangerine Egg-citing Easter Offer ends on 1 May 2023, so make the most of it while you can. Keep an eye out for the 32GB SIM and 42GB Sim plans, too, as they also come with a free trial of Telstra’s 5G network. 

Check them out below!