Rumours swirl over Google Pixel 6a release date

Google Pixel 6a rumoured release date

The much anticipated Pixel 6a from Google seems closer every day, and while there’s no firm date set in stone for the phone's release, there are a few clues popping up around the internet.

The Pixel 6a follows on from Google's pattern of releasing its flagship Pixel models, which are then followed by a more budget-friendly version a little while later. The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro were launched in October 2021, and it seems like the 6a may be around the corner.

After the Pixel 5’s companion the Pixel 5a got skipped for an Australian release, many fans of Google's approach to smartphones will be hoping that the Pixel 6a could be the phone they’re waiting for.

We could get an announcement as early as next month. Google has often showcased their new phones at a May press conference. Google has locked in May 11 for their annual developer’s conference.

Expert tech publications like TechRadar Australia have given their backing to some of these rumours. A well known, and fairly reliable leaker called Max Jambor has given further substance to these claims, who also tweeted that the Pixel 6a will likely see a May 11 announcement.

Google’s conference, called their I/O, is usually when they make major announcements about their Android products. So it’s pretty likely that for any new Android information, this will be where we hear about it first.

What to expect from the Google Pixel 6a?

The Google Pixel is likely to support 5G connectivity. If the phone also gets an Australian release, it could potentially become one of the cheaper 5G accessible phone’s on the market. 

Similar to the senior Pixel 6, the 6a will feature Google’s new processing chip - the Tensor processor. According to Google, the chip inside the Pixel 6a will be faster for handling tasks like real-time language translation, text to speech functions and other machine-learning capabilities. 

Google’s in-house processing chip packs enough processing punch to compete with its peers like Apple and Samsung. 

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