Keep hitting your data limits? Check out these top mobile phone plans for heavy data users

A hand holding a phone, emitting waves of data

Do you keep finding yourself overshooting your mobile data limits, resulting in eye-watering mobile phone bills? You might be a heavy data user. 

Fear not, for there are plenty of mobile phone plans out there that cater to the data-hungry among us.

How much data do heavy data users need? 

Heavy data users, those that watch streaming services on the go, spend endless hours on social media, or video call their friends on a regular basis, are likely to rack up an impressive (read: scary) phone bill if they’re not on a plan with enough data. 

That’s what makes choosing the right amount of data for your needs so important for your personal finances.   

For someone that uses their data at most times of the day and night, especially if you’re bingeing hour-long TV shows on Netflix or Stan, you’re looking at about 40GB per month. 

Fun fact: If you’re streaming HD content on Stan, your mobile data usage could hit about 3GB every hour. That more than doubles for 4K content, with an hourly 4K stream hitting around 7GB! Stream content on Medium (1.13GB per hour) or Low quality (0.57GB per hour) to stretch your mobile data out.

WhistleOut’s best mobile phone plans for heavy data users

Our friends at WhistleOut have found a few of the top mobile phone plans for heavy data users.

Circles.Life 30GB Monthly Plan

WhistleOut named the Circles.Life 30GB Monthly Plan as one of the top heavy-data plans due to its generous monthly data inclusion of 30GB at $20/month for the first 12 months. There’s also no contract and the option for data banking if you don’t end up using all your data for the month. 

If 30GB of data doesn’t quite seem like enough for you, WhistleOut also provided a few more mobile phone plans worth looking into, with higher data inclusions.

Don’t think you’ll need quite that much data for your everyday usage? Compare mobile phone plans to find one that fits your budget and needs, or check out some award-winning mobile phone plans on our best mobile phone plans page.