Mozo peoples choice awards 2023

Mozo People’s Choice Awards for Coffee Machines 2023

In the 2022 People’s Choice Awards, over a thousand Australians were asked to rate their coffee machines on a range of factors, including performance, build quality, value for money and more. Their opinions determined the winners so that you could use the experiences of real-life Australians to help guide your purchasing decisions.

Build Quality

Excellent Customer Service

Great Performance

Great to Use

Most Recommended

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

Value for Money

De'Longhi logo

De'Longhi People’s Choice Awards 2023

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Great Performance Great to Use Build Quality Most Recommended
Outstanding%20 customer%20 satisfaction 2023 Great%20 performance 2023 Great%20to%20 use 2023 Build%20 quality 2023 Most%20 recommended 2023

If you’re after an authentic Italian coffee experience in the comfort of your own home, then a De’Longhi coffee machine could be the pick for you. Founded in Italy, De’Longhi is an international household appliance provider that offers an impressive coffee machine range. The convenience of a De'Longhi fully automatic espresso machine is hard to ignore, with the machine coming with a fully integrated self-cleaning function and dishwasher-safe drip trays. 

Pod lovers are also taken care of, with a range of Nespresso machines available. Self-proclaimed baristas might be drawn to the De'Longhi manual machines that allow you to experiment with the craft of making the perfect cup of joe. Or perhaps a drip machine is more your style? 

With so many innovative options available, it's little wonder that Aussies once again voted De’Longhi into this year's awards. Taking home five awards this year, De'Longhi customers voted their machines as having great performance and build quality, as well as delivering outstanding customer satisfaction and being great to use. De’Longhi was also ranked as one of the most recommended brands for coffee machines.

L'OR logo

L'OR People’s Choice Awards 2023

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Great Performance Great to Use Build Quality Value for Money
Outstanding%20 customer%20 satisfaction 2023 Great%20 performance 2023 Great%20to%20 use 2023 Build%20 quality 2023 Value%20for%20 money 2023

For those who’ve converted to the simplicity and ease of the capsule coffee lifestyle, L’OR have options across the board. They not only fit their own Barista-quality coffee capsules but are also largely compatible with capsules from other manufacturers like Nespresso, Moccona, and Lavazza. Delivering cafe-level coffee with up to 19-bar pressure at the press of a button, L’OR are bringing innovation to your morning cappuccino.

L’OR won big in this year’s awards, taking out a title for overall customer satisfaction alongside wins for great performance, build quality, value for money, and being great to use.

Breville logo

Breville People’s Choice Awards 2023

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Great Performance
Outstanding%20 customer%20 satisfaction 2023 Great%20 performance 2023

Founded in Sydney in 1932, Breville has been a part of the Australian coffee culture for as long as it has existed. Now, Breville delivers innovative kitchen appliances to 70 countries around the world. Breville has partnered with a variety of coffee experts like the Coffee Science Foundation and the Speciality Coffee Association. Breville has put some serious thought into the design of its coffee machine product range. Sit back and watch the magic happen with a programmable, automatic espresso machine or opt for a more hands-on experience with a manual model. Batch brew and filter fans are also taken care of, with a range of machines available. 

A long-time favourite among Aussie coffee lovers, Breville takes home an award for outstanding customer satisfaction again this year, as well as a title for great performance

Nespresso logo

Nespresso People’s Choice Awards 2023

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Most Recommended
Outstanding%20 customer%20 satisfaction 2023 Most%20 recommended 2023

Nespresso's coffee machines have once again been given the thumbs up from Australian consumers this year. With Nespresso’s line of coffee machines,  the time between that first coffee craving and taking your first sip can be quick and easy. Nespresso aims to simplify the coffee creation process, claiming that their machines are integrated with technology that does the hard work for you:  controlling water temperature, pressure, quantity and speed. Environmentally conscious shoppers will be pleased to know that Nespresso rewards customers for recycling used pods (refer to the Nespresso website for more details). Go big with premium models, or opt for a low-cost, compact option – every java fiend will find their match in the Nespresso collection!

Scoring two awards this year, not only has Nespresso once again come up on top for outstanding customer satisfaction, but Australians also said that it was one of the top brands they would recommend.

Sunbeam logo

Sunbeam People’s Choice Awards 2023

Value for Money Most Recommended
Value%20for%20 money 2023 Most%20 recommended 2023

Leading the market in small kitchen appliances, Sunbeam has been providing Australians with cutting-edge technology and intelligent design for over 100 years now. With both manual and automatic coffee machines available, shoppers can pick and choose the type of coffee experience they are after. Some newer models also offer dual thermoblock heating systems, which Sunbeam says means you can prepare your coffee twice as fast! Not all kitchens can fit both a coffee machine and grinder, in which case Sunbeam has got you covered, as some models even come with a built-in coffee grinder.

Voted into this year's awards for offering easy-to-use machines, Sunbeam is also one of the most recommended brands for the 2023 awards.

Bosch logo

Bosch People’s Choice Awards 2023

Excellent Customer Service
Excellent%20 customer%20 service 2023

When it comes to excellent customer service, only one brand scored an award as judged by the Aussies doing the voting, and that was Bosch. Winning awards in this People’s Choice Awards not just for their coffee machines but also for their Fridges and Ovens, Bosch are keeping Australians happy throughout the kitchen.

Choose from built-in coffee makers to standalone units, all fully automated for your convenience. Automatic cleaning of the milk system makes everyone’s least favourite task more bearable, while a ceramic grinder helps to prevent wear. Some machines even allow you to hook up to your wifi and line up your coffee playlist.

Lavazza logo

Lavazza People’s Choice Awards 2023

Value for Money
Value%20for%20 money 2023

Aiming to combine practicality with innovative design and elegance, Lavazza strives to give you an experience of authenticity in every cup. Lavazza offers a range of compact designs that slot right onto your countertop with ease. Chic shapes and pops of colour set Lavazza apart from its peers, bringing modern simplicity to a traditionally bulky appliance.

Scoring an award for their standout value for money, it’s no wonder Aussies remain fans of the brand.


What is the best coffee machine?

While there’s no single best coffee machine that will fit every person in the world, there might be a coffee machine that suits your needs just right. The Mozo People’s Choice Awards are a good starting point for your search, highlighting brands that are mentioned by Australian customers for their build quality, performance, value for money, and customer satisfaction - amongst other things.

How many coffee machine brands were considered for the Mozo People’s Choice Awards?

There were 37 coffee machine brands rated by survey respondents in the 2023 Mozo People’s Choice Awards. To see the full list of brands, see our People’s Choice Methodology Report.

How did you determine the winners for each coffee machine award?

1,321 Australians were surveyed in the category of coffee machines, and any brand that received more than 30 mentions was eligible for inclusion. These were then ranked by our judges according to their average rating. The winners represent roughly the top 10% of brands in each category - to find out more, read the full methodology report.

I work for one of the winning brands. How can we promote our win?

Congratulations! We have a wide range of promotional options available if you wish to advertise your win. To do so, get in touch with our account management team.