No tricks this halloween: RBA interest rates remain on hold at 1.50%

Kelly Emmerton

Tuesday 03 October 2017

As expected, the Reserve Bank has left interest rates on hold at 1.50% again this October, and likely won’t make another change until next year.

October will be the fourteenth month that the official cash rate has stalled at 1.50%, having dropped to the record low in August last year. Stagnant wages and high household debt remain a hurdle for monetary policy, and it seems that the Reserve Bank is content to play the waiting game for a while longer.

In his statement, RBA Governor Philip Lowe said, “The Australian economy expanded by 0.8 per cent in the June quarter. This outcome and other recent data are consistent with the Bank's expectation that growth in the Australian economy will gradually pick up over the coming year."

And though recent signals from the RBA have hinted at a positive outlook for the economy and higher rates in Australia’s future, most experts aren’t expecting to see a change before 2018.

Treats for home loan borrowers

They’re yet to offer a bag of Halloween candy as a bonus, but home loan lenders aren't waiting for the RBA to cut rates, instead wooing borrowers with something even better this October - newly lowered interest rates.

Owner-occupiers willing to make principal and interest repayments have snagged the lionshare of recent rate cuts, though investors have also caught a break, with lenders reversing some of the rate hikes from previous months.

In hot news, bcu dropped its fixed rates to just 3.50% across terms 1-5 years - massive reductions that catapulted it to best-in-market for all but one term.

So if you’re keen to sort out your home loan while rates are at rock bottom, here’s where to start:

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Best fixed rate home loan offers

  • 1 year - 3.49% - Greater Bank (comparison rate: 4.47%)
  • 2 year - 3.50% - bcu (comparison rate: 4.73%)
  • 3 year - 3.50% - bcu (comparison rate: 4.25%)
  • 4 year - 3.50% - bcu (comparison rate: 4.59%)
  • 5 year - 3.50% - bcu (comparison rate: 4.18%)

Check out other fixed rate home loan options in our comparison table.

Scary times for savers

Savers, on the other hand, aren’t having such a good time with persistently low interest rates. In August, Mozo reported the largest number of term deposit rate cuts all year and September carried on the trend. With no RBA rate hike in sight for the rest of the year, October is set to be a flat time for savers as well.

Which is why it’s more important than ever to get on top of your finances and sniff out a great rate of return for your rainy day fund. To get you started, here are some of the top spots to park your cash.

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