Small trade brokerage with conditions
$9.50 brokerage for trades under $17,501
Large trade brokerage with conditions
0.055% brokerage on trades over $17,500
Monthly fee

Mozo editorial review Pearler Share Account - last updated: 30 March 2021

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What's hot
  • Brokerage on shares from $9.50
  • $0 brokerage on select ETFs
  • Autoinvest feature
What's not
  • No limit orders
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Pearler may be one of the newest online share trading platforms in Australia, but they’ve hit the ground running by offering low-cost access to Australian shares, ETFs and other securities. Beyond pricing, Pearler is also promising a simpler investing experience with a number of handy features including the ‘autoinvest’ tool. 

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Key features

Pearler allows users to invest into the Australian equities market, with shares, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and managed funds (mFunds) all able to be purchased and sold via Pearler’s online platform. Currently there’s no access to international markets, but Pearler has said they intend to roll out the capability for US share purchases sometime in 2021. 

How about costs? Well there’s no monthly fee involved and Pearler charges the following brokerage rates, which are among the more competitive around:

  • $9.50 per trade for amounts under $17,500

  • 0.055% per trade for amounts over $17,500

Pearler also offers a number of ETFs for $0 brokerage, though this is restricted to participating providers such as eInvest, ETF Securities and VanEck. Just bear in mind that if you end up selling any of the zero brokerage ETFs within a year, the normal brokerage rates of buying and selling ($19.00 all up) will apply.

Aside from low brokerage, one of the other benefits of the Pearler platform is the features available. For example, users can make use of the ‘autoinvest’ tool to set up regular investments and help maintain their portfolio balance over time.

Who is it good for

With low brokerage costs and some handy, innovative features, Pearler’s online share trading platform could be a particularly good option for those just starting out on their investing journey. 

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Any catches

Pearler really is the new kid on the block, so at the present moment they don’t have a mobile app (though this is coming). Investors also won’t be able to make limit orders, which may be an important feature for some. 


Rates and fees information correct as at 28 October 2021. Mozo has robust processes to ensure our site is updated to reflect the latest information from providers. There may be the odd occasion where updates are delayed, so please confirm information before purchasing.


$9.50 brokerage for trades under $17,501


0.055% brokerage on trades over $17,500

$9.50 brokerage for trades under $17,501, then 0.055% of trade value, minimum $500 trades.




$0 brokerage on ETFs from eInvest, ETF Securities, and VanEck when held for a minimum of 12 months.







Autoinvest allows automatic periodic investments of set amounts to chosen shares and investments. Set up financial independence goals. Connect with other investors.

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