Business bank applications checklist

By Mozo ·

Tedious bank applications are made even more tedious when you don't have the required forms on hand. Fast-track your applications with Mozo's applications checklist.

Before you apply for a small business account:

Assess your needs: Whether you're looking at a small business bank account, a business savings account option or a business loan, determine your small business needs, including:

  • start-up capital
  • cash flow and savings
  • loan or overdraft requirements
  • Ascertain your position - get a definite picture of your small business finance:
  • operations and expenses
  • assets and debts
  • financing expansion
  • If you're applying for a loan or overdraft, you may need to provide evidence of:
  • your personal financial status
  • the expertise of you and your co-workers
  • your credit rating (check this beforehand)
  • a statement of need: short or long-term plans for the funds
  • a repayment schedule

Document checklist:

  • Business tax returns
  • Profit and loss accounts and balance sheet
  • Articles of incorporation
  • ID for account signatories
  • A cashflow forecast

When applying for any small business bank product, it's a good idea to see if all your financial needs can be packaged by the the one institution. Read on for small business packages.

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