On trend in 2019: Bank accounts to suit your personality

Evie Weily

11 Jan 2019

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Say goodbye to the days of standard one-size fits all bank account and hello to 2019 - the year of personalisation. Yes, Australia’s banks and financial providers have caught up with the times, and now, just as you can get monogrammed PJs, choose between 10 different types of coffee, and 30+ IPAs at the bottle-o, you can now find a bank account that perfectly matches you, and your lifestyle.

We’ve identified six money identities below, so check them out and learn about some of the bank accounts that are worth considering adding to your wallet in 2019.

The frequent traveller

No stranger to the travel bug, you jump at the opportunity of an overseas getaway. Your bank account, on the other hand, jumps at the sight of foreign exchange rates, international transactions and overseas ATM fees. If in 2019, you’re planning on to visit international countries in a bid for a cultural experience or try your hand at the expat life, with the right travel money account you can enjoy your trip without worrying about your cash being drained away in fees.

Accounts for you?

ING Orange Everyday Account

- No international transaction fees if you deposit $1000 into the account within the first month and make at least 5 card purchases.

- No international or domestic ATM withdrawal fees.

- No account fees.

Citi Global Currency Account

- Everyday bank account and travel card in one.

- Store up to 10 currencies in the one account so that you have control over your money wherever you are in the world.

- No overseas ATM or transaction fees as long as you are withdrawing the same currency of the account.

- Earn up to 2.25% p.a. interest.

HSBC Everyday Global Account

- Pay like a local at home and overseas with option to keep up to 10 currencies in your account at a time.

- No overseas ATM fees.

- No international transaction fees.

The fashionista

Whether it’s a top of the line designer bag or the latest iPhone, you’ve got to have it. You love everything to do with the latest style trends, so why not use it to pay for things like your morning coffee? Let me introduce to you PayWear - fashionable accessories that mean you can leave your wallet at home but still shop up a storm!

Accounts for you?

Westpac Choice Account

- Make contactless payments from your account with PayWear.

- PayWare accessories such as pins and wristbands available in wide variety of styles and colours to suit your style.

- No ATM withdrawal fee at any major bank in Australia.

- Under 25? Get a $50 voucher when you open a new Westpac Choice account and deposit $250 within 45 days.

Bankwest Easy Transaction Account

- Option to get the 2018 Mozo Experts Choice Award winning Halo Payment Ring.

- No monthly maintenance fee.

- No ATM fees at over 10,000 banks Australia wide.

The determined saver

Perhaps a recent Christmas holiday has set you back on your finances but now that it’s 2019 you’re focused on adopting some smart savings decisions to help get you out of a financial gutter. If you’re on the hunt for a savings account that will also help you control how much you spend, look no further.

Accounts for you?

UBank USaver Ultra Transaction Account

- Automatic sweep function means you can set a maximum balance for your account and every night the sweep function will rollover the funds from your USaver account to the Ultra account to keep your balances on target.

- 2.87% interest rate as long as you deposit $200 into the account each month.

- No monthly fees.

AMP Bett3r Pay Account

- A three in one linked account that makes budgeting and saving simple.

- No monthly account keeping fees if you deposit $2000 each month from an external source.

- Earn 1.50% interest on balances up to $5 million.

ING Orange Everyday Account

- Everyday round-up feature puts money into your savings account everytime you make a purchase using your card.

- 2018 Mozo Experts Choice Award Winner for Exceptional Everyday Account

- No minimum opening deposit and no monthly account fees.

The ethically minded

We all know that recycling, reusing and sourcing locally are great ways of being environmentally friendly, but have you ever considered how ethical your bank might be? Financial institutions have to make a profit, but what they do with this profit and whether it has a positive environmental impact is something to consider when choosing a bank account. Does your provider tick any ethical boxes?

Accounts for you?

Teachers Mutual Bank Everyday Direct Account

- Committed to not using customer funds to invest in greenhouse polluting activities, Teachers Mutual Bank has been names one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for five years in a row.

- Get fast access to your money through the advanced internet banking and mobile app.

- No monthly account fee if you deposit $2000 into the account each month.

- Unlimited free transactions from network ATMs (NAB and rediATM).

Bank Australia Everyday Access Account

- Bank Australia focuses on ethical and sustainable banking with commitments to make no advances to the fossil fuel industry, and direct 4% of their after-tax profits to projects that help people and the environment.

- No monthly account fee if you deposit $2000 into the account each month.

- Unlimited transactions at over 10,000 free ATMs.

- Card control feature that allows you to manage the way you transact and temporarily lock your card.

The student budgeter

With uni season right around the corner, take charge of your bank account and start living the student life. As a student you’re exposed to a range of discounts and extras that makes studying that little bit easier, so shouldn’t the same go for your bank account?

Accounts for you?

UniBank Everyday Direct Account

- No monthly account keeping fee for students.

- Play with your funds online with 24/7 access via the internet, mobile app and phone banking.

- $0 minimum balance or opening amount.

Bendigo Bank Student Account

- No monthly service fee.

- Access to ATMs and branches across Australia.

- Easy access to your account balance with e-banking and phone banking available anywhere and anytime.

Bankwest Student Bank Account

- Access great student discounts to places such as Apple and McDonalds with the Student Edge App.

- No monthly maintenance fees.

- Unlimited free withdrawals.

The app lover

Most banking providers have apps that allow you to transfer money between accounts and manage your day to day finances and bill payments, but some have taken it a step further with spend tracker features.

Accounts for you?

Commonwealth Bank Smart Access - Spend Tracker

- Winner of the Mozo Experts Choice Award App of Year Award - Commonwealth Bank

- Spend Tracker allows you to see exactly what you’re spending your money on. Categories your transactions to show you what you spend your money on most, and see the impact your spending decisions have on your daily finances.

- $0 monthly account fee if you deposit min. $2,000 per month ($1,000 for 21-24 year olds)

- Get cash out at an ATM with or without your card using the Cardless Cash feature.

NAB Classic Banking Account - Money Tracker

- The Money Tracker feature shows a visual representation of your spending behaviour. Set up a budget or savings goal to track your income and expenses.

- No monthly fees and no minimum monthly deposits

- No ATM withdrawal fees at over 7,000 ATMS in Australia

Want to see other options available? We compare over 90 bank accounts so check out our bank account search tool or head to our main bank account comparison hub to read our helpful guides or tips.  

Bank Accounts 2019

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    Newcastle Permanent

    Newcastle Permanent

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    Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayID

    0.01% p.a.

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