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No matter what sort of internet user you are, there are a range of broadband plan options available, and with different speeds too. Maximum speeds currently sit at 12, 25, 50, 100, 250 and 1000 Megabits per second (Mbps).  

However, note the use of the word maximum … 

The truth is, while service providers might advertise their NBN speed as 100 when you buy a plan, it’s likely that you won’t receive that speed. This is particularly true during busy hours between 7pm and 11pm. Time to do some research.

Which NBN provider offers the fastest internet? 

There are a handful of NBN providers that offer solid connections across all and busy hours, according to the ACCC’s quarterly Measuring Broadband Australia Report.

This report collected measurements over the month of December 2020 and made NBN fixed line services the main focus. 

Here are the top five providers, in relation to download and upload speeds as a percentage of an Retail Service Providers advertised plan speed.

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What NBN plans are available? 

Not all NBN RSPs have the same broadband plan options, with some offering products with low and high speed, and others offering capped or unlimited data. 

Check out what’s available from TPG, Optus, Telstra, iiNet and Aussie Broadband: 

TPG NBN plans 

Currently, TPG has six NBN plan options with the choice of a 6-month plan or no lock-in contract.

PlanData per monthMax SpeedTypical Evening SpeedMonthly Cost
NBN12100GB (50GB on-peak, 50GB off-peak)12Mbps12Mbps$49.99
NBN100Unlimited100Mbps85Mbps$79.99 (for first six months) 

$89.99 (after)

Optus NBN plans 

Optus also has six NBN options, all of which are month-to-month plans.

PlanData per monthMax SpeedTypical Evening SpeedMonthly Cost
Internet EverydayUnlimited50MbpsNA$75
Family Internet UltimateUnlimited50MbpsNA$75 (for first 6 months) 

$85 (after)
Internet EntertainerUnlimited50MbpsNA$80(for first six months) 

$90 (after)
Internet Everyday 100Unlimited100MbpsNA$85 (for first 6 months) 

$95 (after)
Family Internet Ultimate 100Unlimited100MbpsNA$95 (for first 6 months) 

$105 (after)
Internet EntertainerUnlimited100MbpsNA$100 (for first 6 months) 

$110 (after)

Telstra NBN plans 

While it may be one of Australia’s largest internet and phone providers, Telstra has fewer options on offer when it comes to NBN plans. All Telstra broadband plans have the option of a no lock-in contract.

PlanData per monthMax SpeedTypical Evening Speed Monthly Cost
Standard Speed + Unlimited DataUnlimited25MbpsNA$80
Standard Plus Speed + Unlimited DataUnlimited50MbpsNA$90
Premium Speed + Unlimited DataUnlimited100MbpsNA$90 (for first 6 months) 

$110 (after)

iiNet NBN plans 

iiNet currently has six NBN plan options, and offers high-speed internet with its Superfast and Ultrafast products. Keep in mind though, the Superfast and Ultrafast options are only available for FTTP and HFC connections and can only be on a no lock-in contract.

PlanData per monthMax SpeedTypical Evening SpeedMonthly cost
NBN100Unlimited100Mbps85Mbps$89.99 (for first 12 months) 

$99.99 (after)
SuperfastUnlimited200Mbps200Mbps$99.99 (for first 6 months) 

$129.99 (after)
UltrafastUnlimited200Mbps200Mbps$119.99 (for first 6 months) 

$149.99 (after)

Aussie Broadband NBN plans 

With Aussie Broadband, there is the choice of six NBN plans, with speeds going up to Ultrafast. There is also the option to build your own plan, which the provider will create customary to your needs. If you are looking for this option it’s a good idea to get in touch with the provider directly.

PlanData per monthMax Speed Typical Evening SpeedMonthly Cost
Basic NBNUnlimited12Mbps12Mbps$59
Casual NBNUnlimited25Mbps25Mbps$69
Everyday NBNUnlimited50Mbps50Mbps$79
Family NBNUnlimited100Mbps99Mbps$89 (for the first 6 months) 

$99 (after)
Power User NBNUnlimited250Mbps248Mbps$99 (for the first 6 months) 

$129 (after)

Power House NBN

Unlimited600Mbps600Mbps$119 (for the first six months) 

$149 (after)

It’s important to note that there may be additional costs when you sign up for NBN with a particular RSP. These could include a start-up fee, modem cost, booster cost, connection fee etc. So, make sure you are fully across these fees before you sign up. 

You may also be able to bundle your NBN service with a mobile phone plan, which may work out cheaper than doing it separately. 

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