Cheap mobile broadband plans to choose right now

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Finding the right mobile broadband plan to keep you online when you’re away from home can be a difficult search. There are a range of different providers, data limits and price tiers to consider, so we’ve collected some of the cheaper sim-only deals below.

We've also categorised them to cater for different needs so that you can find a plan that suits you.

Low data cheap plans available

These plans will get you connected for a smaller cost. These have low data limits, so if you’re planning on accessing the internet a lot, streaming or downloading files while away from your home broadband connection you may want to consider some plans with a higher data allowance.

For those who are happy with a smaller data limit and looking to save on cost, these options might be right for you:

Cheap plans with 25GB data

25GB of data gives a user a bit more leeway in how they use their mobile broadband. You’ll be able to stream or download files, but you’ll want to keep an eye on your usage in case you start getting a little close to your limit.

If you’re someone who can manage their data usage and want the ability to spend some time online, 25GB might be enough data for you.

Cheap plans with 50GB+ of data

For those who plan on using their mobile data a bit more freely, a plan above the 50GB range might be more your style. If you’re frequenting streaming services or downloading a lot of large files you’ll still need to keep an eye on your usage, but you’ll get through more before you start approaching your limit.

Cheap plans with 100GB+ data

If you’re planning on using your mobile data quite frequently you might be after a plan with a big data allowance. 100GB isn’t the largest cap we’ve collected here, but it is a sizeable chunk of data that would see most people through the month.

If you’re very frequently downloading or streaming large files, you may still need to jump on a plan with more data than this, but 100GB is an option for those who are expecting pretty sizeable data usage.

Cheap massive data plans

If these options didn’t leave you feeling like you’d have enough data, there are still some plans for you to consider.

The data offerings below are pretty substantial and the biggest in our comparison table, so if they don’t suit your needs you may have to do some more searching.

For those big mobile internet users, check out these plans below:

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