Starlink launches premium satellite broadband tier

Satellite dish

Elon Musk’s SpaceX-owned Starlink satellite broadband has quietly launched a premium tier of its internet service, delivering higher speeds for high-demand users including businesses. 

Starlink, which prides itself on delivering satellite broadband with faster speeds and lower latency than other fibre-free options, is looking to push its offerings to the next level with a premium tier.

Greater broadband? Premium Starlink will offer 150Mbps - 500Mbps

The premium Starlink service will see speeds between 150Mbps-500Mbps for users with latency of 20-40ms, which the company says will enable high throughput connectivity for small offices, storefronts and “super users” with a greater bandwidth need. 

The premium service will also see upload speeds of 20-40mbps for users, compared to the 10-20mbps available on a standard Starlink connection. Both are a step up from traditional satellite internet services, for which upload speeds are usually capped at around 5mbps.

With orders open now and deliveries starting later this year, signing up to the premium tier may not take users any longer than waiting for the standard Starlink service, which has been met with a number of service complaints regarding long wait times and a lack of communication. 

In advertising its premium service, Starlink says it will offer customers on the tier “24/7 prioritsed support”. It’s unknown if the company will offer contactable customer support staff for those on the standard Starlink service.

How do prices stack up on premium Starlink?

Based on the advertised US prices, Starlink’s premium service will cost five times the price of the standard service which currently costs Australian users $709aud for hardware, AU$139 for shipping & handling and AU$139 per month for connection to the service. Customers secure their sign-up with a $139 upfront deposit. 

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