Telstra offers big savings on NBN100 and NBN250 plans

Telstra building

Telstra is currently offering a deal where you can save $20 per month on their NBN100 plan and $30 on their NBN250 plan for the first 12 months. But get in quick, this offer is only available until the 25th of July.

What’s on offer?

The total cost of the NBN250 plan is $110 a month for the first year, and then it reverts to the original price which is $140. This means that plan holders will save $360 in the first year.

If you want a cheaper plan and are happy with NBN100 speeds, Telstra is also offering a discount of $20 per month on its NBN100 plan for the first year of the plan. This means that the monthly total for the first year is $90 and the price reverts to $110 after that period. This equals a saving of $240 over a year.