Heritage Bank defends its claim to “People first”

In the lead up to this year’s Federal election, the ALP has coined “Putting people first” as its official campaign slogan - but Heritage Bank is none too happy about the similarity of the phrase to its own much-loved motto, “People first”.

Heritage Bank has used the “People first” motto for over a decade now, and the slogan has been trademarked since 2007.

Heritage Bank CEO Peter Lock said that Heritage Bank had written to both the ALP and to Opposition Leader Bill Shorten asking them to discontinue use of the slogan. He added that there were no political motivations behind the act, and that Heritage Bank only wanted to protect its long-standing motto.

“As an organisation, we are absolutely apolitical and we don’t seek or have any interest in being involved in the election campaign,” he said.

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Lock denied allegations that Heritage Bank has made donations to the LNP, and said that while Heritage was “proud and supportive” of staff members who contribute to their community - politically or otherwise - the bank did not endorse any particular political inclinations.

“That’s why we feel it is important for our customers that we make the distinction between the political slogan and what Heritage Bank stands for,” Lock added.

“We have genuine concerns about potential damage to our brand that we have championed and built up over many years.”

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