300,000+ Aussie households cancel out their carbon emissions for free with EnergyAustralia

300,000+ Aussie households cancel out their carbon emissions for free with EnergyAustralia

Looking for more ways to help out the environment? A great place to start is with your energy bill.

A whopping 300,000+ Aussie households are cancelling out carbon emissions generated from their home energy use at no extra cost with EnergyAustralia’s Go Neutral program.

So far, the program has had a massive impact on the environment, offsetting over 2.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions since 2016 and 1.2 million tonnes in 2020 alone.

“Our Go Neutral product is something special. It means customers can choose to cancel out the carbon emissions from their electricity or gas usage, or both,” said EnergyAustralia’s chief customer officer, Mark Brownfield.

“Since Go Neutral kicked off, we’ve offset nearly three million tonnes of CO2. That’s the equivalent of taking over 870,000 cars off the road for an entire year. Or to put it another way, more than double the number of cars in the entire state of Tasmania!”

Aussies keen to tackle climate change:

With over 300,000 households opting into the program, Brownfield says it all goes back to more Aussies being keen to contribute to the environment.

“People are thinking more about climate change, especially with the IPCC’s recent report ringing the alarm bells, and they want to help,” Brownfield said.

“They love that by choosing Go Neutral, they can cancel out the emissions from their home energy use. We make it easy for them to make an impact and at no cost to them.”

So, how does the Go Neutral program work?

“When a customer chooses to Go Neutral, EnergyAustralia calculates the emissions associated with their household energy use – electricity or gas, or both. It then purchases enough carbon offsets to cancel out the emissions, making their home energy use carbon neutral,” said Brownfield.

EnergyAustralia offsets emissions through carbon offset units from climate action projects.

“There are projects in Arnhem Land and the Cape York Peninsula that are working to prevent large bushfires that generate emissions. Another project is stopping greenhouse gases through landfill waste management in Brazil.”

“Often, the projects are good not just for the environment but for communities as well.”

When it comes to purchasing offset units, Brownfield assured that EnergyAustralia only buys units deemed eligible by the Australian Government’s Climate Active program.

“They’re one of the most rigorous and credible carbon neutral certification programs in Australia. And we produce public disclosure statements which explain in detail what offsets we’re purchasing and our carbon neutral calculations.”

Business Carbon Neutral:

The Go Neutral program is available to residential customers; however, EnergyAustralia has since brought out its Business Carbon Neutral program, encouraging business customers to join in on the action and offset their electricity emissions too.

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