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High energy bill blues? Check in on your energy spend

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Mid year is a good time to do a financial check-in and see if there are opportunities to save money on your regular household expenditure, including your energy bill.

Whether you need a quick reminder of what can cause your energy bill to skyrocket, or you just need encouragement to search for a better deal, we’ve put together this guide to help you get on top of your power costs in 2023.

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Are you overusing your heating and cooling?

Winter and summer energy bills are usually the largest of the year, which is not a surprise given the extra heating and cooling costs needed to keep up with the drastic changes in weather. 

While most households are aware that their energy expenditure increases during these seasons, taking the extra step to keep an eye on your usage can stop your power bill from skyrocketing. 

Some heating and cooling tips to help bring your energy bill down include:

  • Clean your aircon filter for more efficient heating/cooling
  • Only heat and cool a room that is being used
  • Don’t heat or cool a room to unnecessary temperatures 
  • Make use of blankets and layers in winter
  • Use your curtains/blinds to let the sun in or keep the sun out as required

Could your lights be more efficient?

They mightn’t seem like big energy users, but keeping your lights on more than they need to be can ramp up your energy costs over time and cause a shock when your power bill arrives. 

The biggest piece of advice we can offer to save power (and money) with your lighting is switching out any old halogen globes for LEDs - they’re much more energy efficient and last longer, meaning you’ll be replacing them less often. Some other lighting tips include:

  • Turn off lights when not in the room
  • Invest in dimmers/timers
  • Make use of natural light
  • Consider solar lighting for outdoor/garden lights

Are your appliances draining power?

We’ve all heard the experts say that unplugging your appliances from the wall when not in use can bring your energy costs down, and it’s true, but we’re talking about a different way that your appliances could be using unnecessary power. 

The older your appliances are, the less chance they’re to be optimised to use as little power as possible in operation. Yes, upgrading to a new refrigerator or toaster will mean you’re paying more upfront, but chances are these appliances will save you money on your energy bill in the long run with more efficient operation. 

Older appliances are also more prone to faults and damage which could cause them to draw even more power to run properly. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy a new microwave every year, but if you notice your appliances are starting to show signs of wear and tear, it may be worth considering an upgrade. Some other tips include:

  • Clean appliances - particularly filters, vents and metal components
  • Repair or replace damaged parts
  • Unplug appliances from wall when not in use (sorry, we had to)
  • Check the energy rating of your product if available

Have you recently compared energy providers?

Finding a great energy plan for your home can save you money on your energy bill, yet many Australians don’t take the time to compare and switch providers. 

How much could you save? Well, our researchers found that on average, households could save $464 per year for residential electricity and $204 per year for residential gas^ by comparing providers.

We make it easy with our handy comparison tool, which you can find over at our energy hub or below.

Compare energy plans

Find energy plans available in your area.

^ Average energy savings were calculated using analysis from the 2022 Mozo Experts Choice Energy Awards data for QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and ACT. Energy price data is extracted from the Energy Made Easy (NSW, QLD, ACT, SA) and Vic Energy Compare (VIC) sites. The difference in cost between the least expensive plan, and the average energy plan price, determined the savings figure.

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^See information about the Mozo Experts Choice Energy Awards

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