Bright Spark Power

Born in late 2016 at a weekend BBQ, Bright Spark Power is an energy retailer who is taking a stand against Australia’s dependence on fossil fuels by creating more demand for greener, cleaner energy.

Who is Bright Spark Power?

Bright Spark Power are an energy retailer committed to making renewable energy the standard source of electricity for all Aussie households. And they’re also big fans of ensuring that their energy customers receive their best electricity rate.

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Where is Bright Spark Power available?

At the moment, households in New South Wales and Queensland can sign up to Bright Spark Power, however the retailer has plans to launch in South Australia and Victoria.

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Bright Spark Power electricity plans and packages

Since they are in their early stages, Bright Spark Power has two residential energy offers available: their 12 month contract plan and ‘no contract’ plan. 

Under the 12 month contract plan, customers will have a fixed electricity rate for a year and pay no connection fees when they sign up. This means that Bright Spark Power promises to never increase your rate and will even pass on any savings to you should prices drop.

If customers choose to opt for the no contract plan, they will still be able to enjoy competitive electricity rates but with the flexibility of no fixed terms. Just keep in mind, there is a $19 connection fee with this plan.

Both plans come with monthly billing, no credit card and payment processing fees and a 9c/kWh solar feed-in tariff rate. There is also a $40 early exit fee on both Bright Spark Power plans.

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Bright Spark Power features to keep in mind

10-year plan 

Bright Spark Power has got some big goals to help change the way Australia gets their energy. In five years, they’re hoping to source 50% of their electricity from renewable energy and 100% in 10 years, launch programs to invest in forest regeneration, and design low cost battery storage solutions, all while providing competitive prices to customers. 

Aussie owned

 Bright Spark Power pride themselves on being 100% Aussie-owned. According to the retailer, they’re a company ‘run by Australians, for the benefit of Australians.’ 

Clean energy 

By being a Bright Spark Power customer, you’ll be supporting a greener, more sustainable future for the country. 

No gimmicks 

Bright Spark Power don’t believe in tricking customers with gimmicks or hidden fees. That’s why there are no sign up credits, bonuses or discounts, just simple, competitive prices.

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Switching and moving with Bright Spark Power

Switching to Bright Spark Power is a breeze. All you need to do is get in touch with the customer service team who will arrange the transfer for you. Bright Spark Power will then aim to have the connection complete within three business days, although it can take up to 15 business days. 

If you are moving house and would like to have electricity supplied by Bright Spark Power, you will need to place an order via their website and select your move-in date. And if you’re moving into a home in NSW or QLD and have placed an order before 2pm prior to your move, Bright Spark Power could have you connected by the next business day!

Bright Spark Power customer reviews

The Mozo communicty has rated Bright Spark Power products and services on different specifications ranging from pricing and bill clarity to customer satisfaction and green energy.

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Recent Bright Spark Power electricity reviews

  • Bright Spark Power Electricity

    Great work on providing cleaner electricity for Au

    Great work on providing cleaner electricity for Australia.

    Green Friendly
    Ethan, Queensland, reviewed 7 months ago
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