Electricity in a Box

Electricity In a Box is one of the latest energy providers to hit the market. And while they might be a small player, they’ve got some big ideas for the energy market.

Who is Electricity in a Box?

Electricity In a Box is an energy retailer that aims to make energy affordable for all types of households. With Electricity In a Box, customers won’t have to worry about paying more than they need to, as the retailer ensures its rates and fees are clear and easy to understand. 

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Where is Electricity in a Box available?

Electricity In a Box energy plans are currently only available for residents and small business customers in New South Wales. It’s unclear as to whether the retailer will expand to other states.

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Electricity in a Box electricity plans and packages

As Electricity In a Box is fairly new to the market, they only have one energy plan on offer. However, full details of the plan haven’t been released to the public just yet. 

According to the Electricity In a Box website, its energy plans will feature simple rates and no lock in contracts, so you are able to opt out of your plan at any time. There is also a range of bill payment options to choose from, such as a direct debit, over the phone or via credit card. 

The retailer’s site also mentions that they plan to use innovative technology to provide customers with a better experience, plus will start offering solar battery solutions to customers in 2021

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Electricity in a Box features to keep in mind

  • 100% Aussie owned

  • Electricity In a Box is a 100% Aussie owned company, with their headquarters located in Bondi Junction. 

  • Innovative thinking

  • One of the great things about signing up to a new energy retailer is the innovative technology and ideas they bring to customers. Like many other new retailers, Electricity In a Box is working toward using energy technology to its full capacity for the benefit of both the market and customers. 

  • No lock in contracts

  • While they might not have properly launched in NSW yet, the retailer has already promised that their energy plans will have no lock in contracts. This gives customers the freedom and flexibility to cancel their energy plan with no fuss. 

Friendly customer service 

Whether you need help to apply for an energy rebate or have a question about your bill, the Electricity In a Box customer service team is happy to help.

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Switching and moving with Electricity in a Box

If you’re thinking about making the switch to Electricity In a Box, you’ll need to get in touch with its customer service team where you’ll be asked to confirm a few personal details. Once this is done, Electricity In a Box will be able to start the transfer immediately!

On the other hand if you are moving and would like to be set up as a Electricity In a Box customer, the retailer will need a few more details, such as your moving date and new address

Electricity in a Box customer reviews

The Mozo communicty has rated Electricity in a Box products and services on different specifications ranging from pricing and bill clarity to customer satisfaction and green energy.

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Electricity in a Box Electricity
7.0 /10
Bill clarity
Customer service
Green Friendly
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Recent Electricity in a Box electricity reviews

  • Electricity in a Box Electricity review

    Overall rating   7 / 10
    Honest review.

    They're a very good company but it's too busy and it takes a long time to get a hold of them. But apart from that I'd recommend it.

    7 / 10
    Bill clarity
    5 / 10
    Customer service
    7 / 10
    Green Friendly
    9 / 10
    Oscar, Victoria, reviewed 4 months ago
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