ReAmped Energy

ReAmped Energy take the confusion out of energy, offering easy, simple and affordable energy plans. Although a tech company at heart, they’re committed to helping you save on your energy bill. In 2020, ReAmped Energy picked up four Mozo Experts Choice Awards, including the major title of 2020 Residential Electricity Retailer of the Year!

Who is ReAmped Energy?

ReAmped Energy are an independent energy retailer based in Queensland. Their goal is to make energy simple, honest and affordable for NSW and QLD households.

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Where is ReAmped Energy available?

ReAmped Energy is currently available in Queensland and New South Wales.

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ReAmped Energy electricity plans and packages

At the moment, ReAmped Energy only offers residential energy plans on either a single rate or time of use tariff, called the ‘Anytime’ or ‘Time of Use’ plan. Within these plans, you also have the option to have a seperate tariff if your household has a dedicated supply for electricity for hot water. These plans also come with no lock-in contracts or break-fees.

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ReAmped Energy features to keep in mind

Live Chat available 

One of the things ReAmped Energy are proud of is their commitment to quality communication. While you do have the option to email ReAmped Energy for any enquiry, their Live Chat feature will provide you with an instant result.

Highly tech savvy 

ReAmped Energy call themselves a tech company at heart who have built their own systems that are designed to keep costs down.

No discounts 

One key feature of ReAmped Energy is that there are no discounts, instead, you'll get low, reasonable prices.

Flexible billing 

 And with ReAmped Energy, you’ll be able to choose your billing frequency, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

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Switching and moving with ReAmped Energy

If you are interested in signing up to a ReAmped Energy plan, you’ll first need to plug in your address to check for available plans in your area before applying online. Once you’ve signed up, you will then enter a 10 business day cooling off period, just in case you decide ReAmped Energy is not for you.

ReAmped Energy customer reviews

The Mozo communicty has rated ReAmped Energy products and services on different specifications ranging from pricing and bill clarity to customer satisfaction and green energy.

ReAmped Energy Electricity

There are no ratings yet for ReAmped Energy Electricity.

Recent ReAmped Energy electricity reviews

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