In the Spotlight... Claudio Saita from World2Cover

It’s no secret that Aussies love to travel. In fact, last year 11 million Aussies packed their bags and headed overseas - that’s 1,500 every hour. That’s a whole lot of plane tickets, rental cars, hotel rooms, tour packages and suitcases, and unfortunately a lot of opportunity for something to go wrong. That’s where top notch travel insurance comes in.

And when it comes to doing travel insurance well, it’s hard to look past Mozo’s Experts Choice Awards Travel Insurer of the Year in 2018, World2Cover. Claudio Saita, Deputy CEO and Executive Director in Australia for Tokio Marine, World2Cover’s underwriter, recently caught up with us to talk about World2Cover’s win, important policy benefits, straight-forward claims processes, and most importantly, what makes a “Good Company.”

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By Kelly Emmerton· Thursday 11 October 2018

The 3 golden rules of being a Good Company

World2Cover works on a “global philosophy of being a Good Company” - a philosophy which is built around 3 key pillars of looking beyond profit, delivering on commitments and empowering its people.

“These values mean we look at the bigger picture when delivering our claims services and never forget the trust customers place in us when taking out a policy,” Saita explains.

“It is why we build a product that leads the market and we stand behind what we sell.”

The philosophy certainly seems to be working - World2Cover not only took out the title of Mozo’s 2018 Travel Insurer of the Year, but was the hands down winner, as the only insurer to take out wins across every single Travel Insurance Award category.

World2Cover also achieved a double win, with both the Top and Annual Multi-trip policies taking out Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Exceptional Quality and Exceptional Value, making them a rare blend of top-notch cover and a value-for-money price tag.

About how World2Cover approaches this balance, Saita says that, “We don’t aim to be the cheapest in the market but to provide quality products that give value for money. We do this along every part of the value chain, from keeping our marketing costs to a minimum to our simple sales process that makes it easy to buy online all the way through to our efficient handling of claims.”

Make it yours: insurance as personalised as your trip

From a trek through the jungles of Borneo, to sipping a cappuccino in a parisian cafe, the best way to travel is different for everyone. And so is the best travel insurance policy.

But as varied as travel and travellers can be, there are a few things we all have in common when it comes to picking an insurance policy, according to Saita.

“One common thing is the need to be protected in case of injury or illness. It is important to make sure you know what medical conditions are automatically covered under the policy and to declare any medical conditions you have that are not automatically covered,” he says.

And there’s a good reason to make sure you have adequate cover - Department of Foreign Affairs data estimates that medical evacuation from the States regularly costs Ausses as much as $95,000, and even spending time in a Bali hospital can set travellers back $800 a day. That’s why all World2Cover’s Mozo Experts Choice Award winning travel insurance policies offer unlimited cover for overseas medical and hospital expenses.

Another area World2Cover’s award winning policies excel in is ski cover, with both the Top and Essentials policies taking out awards for Exceptional Value Ski Travel Insurance this year. These policies come with optional Ski and Winter Sports cover, which includes cover for things like damage to hired ski gear and cancellation of prepaid ski passes in case of bad weather, piste closure or illness.

“If you are planning to ski or do most winter sports it is always a good idea to include ski cover. Most accidents on the slopes are not covered without having chosen this option,” Saita says.

But we know as well as anyone that all that fine print in a travel insurance PDS can be pretty intimidating and it can be tricky to know exactly what you’re signing on for. That’s why Saita encourages Aussie travellers to get a thorough understanding of their policy not only before they travel, but before they buy.

“Know what you are covered for and read the terms and conditions,” he says.

“Ask questions of your insurer if you are unclear before you purchase or certainly within the cooling off period to make sure the policy is right for you.”

Simple claims for peace of mind

Choosing a travel insurance policy with all the right benefits is one thing - but what about when it comes time to make a claim?

At World2Cover, the claims process comes back to the 3 pillars of looking beyond profit, delivering on commitments and empowering its people, to create a simple, easy claims process.

“These values are core to everything we do, they influence the authority we give our people to make decisions and look at each claim, for example, on its own merits,” Saita says.

World2Cover has a 24/7 emergency helpline for when you’re overseas and a medical assistance team with over 50 years experience behind them. Claims can be made over the phone, via email or online, but Saita says, “the quickest way of course is online, as documents can be uploaded and there is real visibility on the progress of your claim.”