Time to check your car insurance as vehicle theft rises in Victoria

Victoria is topping the charts for car theft in Australia, with an average of 42 vehicles stolen from the Melbourne CBD each day, according to statistics from the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC).

Almost a third (32.3%) of all car theft in Australia between March 2015 and March 2016 occurred in Victoria - a 35.6% increase from the previous year.

Car theft in Australia - March 2015 - March 2016

StateNumber of cars stolen Q1 2015Number of cars stolen Q1 2016Increase/decrease
ACT219159- 27.4%
NSW3,5333,213- 9.1%
VIC3,3694,567+ 35.6%
QLD2,2232,395+ 7.7%
WA2,2842,450+ 7.3%
NT345269- 22%
SA709816+ 15.1%
TAS308279- 9.4%

Older cars were at greater risk of theft than newer vehicles - the NMVTRC’s 2015 annual report found that 54% of all stolen cars were over ten years old, as opposed to 22% of cars younger than five years, and 22% between five and ten years old.

The car models that were stolen most often Australia wide from March 2015 to 2016, included the Nissan Pulsar N15 (831 thefts), the Holden Commodore VE (827 thefts), Toyota Hilux (795 thefts) and the Holden Commodore VT (683 thefts).

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Aussie car owners can protect themselves from the financial damage of being the victim of car theft by taking out a competitive comprehensive car insurance policy.

“Third party insurance generally won’t cover a stolen car,” said Mozo Director Kirsty Lamont. “So if you’re concerned about car theft, it might be worth shelling out the extra bucks for a comprehensive policy.”

Top car insurance tips
  • Bag a no claims bonus. Almost every car insurer will offer some kind of bonus to drivers who haven’t made a claim in the year. Make sure you’re driving safely and cashing in on rewards like lowered car insurance premiums.

  • Ask about loyalty discounts. Been with your current insurer a while? Check in with them and see if they offer any kind of loyalty discount or bonus. They may not, but on the other hand, you might just get lucky!
  • Know the exclusions. What’s not included under your car insurance policy can be as important as what is. Things like windscreen protection, electrical faults or depreciation aren’t generally covered - although sometimes you can pay extra to add them onto your policy.
  • Shop around for a car insurance deal. Don’t just pick up the first car insurance policy you come across! It could cost you big bucks to wind up with a dud policy. Instead, head over to our car insurance comparison page and find some of the best deals available on the market.