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UPDATE: On December 16, 2020, Xinja announced that it would be discontinuing the Xinja Bank Account and Stash Account as well as "...all services relating to these products." 

Founded in 2017 and located in Sydney, Xinja is an Australian fintech and former neobank. Xinja was one of the first digital banks to hit the Australian market in September 2019, however, in December 2020 the fintech announced that it would be discontinuing its banking products and 'returning' its Authorised Deposit-taking Institution licence to APRA.  

Before closing its banking services, Xinja had launched both a transaction account and savings account, and it had also announced plans to offer other banking products such as home loans, personal loans and term deposits in the future.

Despite terminating its operations as a bank, Xinja has said that "...should circumstances allow" it will shift its attention to other areas such as its yet-to-be-launched share trading platform Dabble.

Xinja's products

Dabble - Xinja's share trading platform

In July 2020, Xinja announced its intention to launch its very own sharing trading platform named Dabble. Set to be released sometime in the near future, Dabble is set to provide brokerage-free access to US shares and ETFs for an $8 monthly subscription fee plus a 1% FX fee.