Mozo People’s Choice Awards for Online Sports Clothing Brand 2022

Based on real customer feedback, the Mozo People’s Choice Awards for online sports clothing brands recognises brands that have been exceeding expectations and delivering great customer experiences. 

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Lululemon logo

Lululemon People’s Choice Awards 2022

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Range of Products Delivery Service Most Recommended
Outstanding%20 customer%20 satisfaction 2022 Range%20of%20 products 2022 Delivery%20 service 2022 Most%20 recommended 2022

Canadian athletic apparel brand Lululemon opened its doors in Australia in 2004. Since then, the brand has made its mark as one of Australia's most loved destinations for sports clothing. 

Lululemon's first designs were yoga clothing for women, but since then the brand's product line has expanded to include both men's and women's apparel for running, cycling, training, and even just snuggling up on the couch. 

According to Lululemon, each product has been designed with a specific purpose in mind, and fabrics have been carefully selected to maximise performance. 

One of the most useful perks of the Lululemon website is that there is an online fit assistant that shoppers use to be matched with a size based on their height, weight and age. 

Lululemon was a standout in this year's People’s Choice Awards, taking gold in four award categories.

Lululemon Online Sports Clothing
Source: Lululemon
New Balance logo

New Balance People’s Choice Awards 2022

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Range of Products Value for Money Website Experience
Outstanding%20 customer%20 satisfaction 2022 Range%20of%20 products 2022 Value%20for%20 money 2022 Website%20 experience 2022

Well known for its stylish sports footwear, New Balance also sells men, women and unisex athletic clothing. New Balance trusts its clothes to speak for themselves, prioritising smartly functional athletic wear over flashy styles. 

According to New Balance, its clothes are designed with unique sportswear technology, to be comfortable and durable.  Shoppers can select their favourite sport to receive a tailored list of apparel that might be best suited to the type of activity. 

This year, New Balance has been recognised as people’s favourite for outstanding customer satisfaction, range of products, value for money and website experience

New Balance Online Sports Clothing
Source: New Balance
Gymshark logo

Gymshark People’s Choice Awards 2022

Range of Products Website Experience Most Recommended
Range%20of%20 products 2022 Website%20 experience 2022 Most%20 recommended 2022

Gymsharks origin story starts in a small garage in the UK, nowadays, Gymshark has an international hold on the sporting clothing industry, with the name familiar to many Australian gymgoers. 

Shoppers can browse products by searching for a particular item, or sort by their chosen activity, whether it be weight lifting, running, or lounging. 

A crowd favourite in 2022, Gymshark walks away with honours in the range of products, website experience and most recommended People’s Choice Award categories.

Gymshark Online Sports Clothing
Source: Gymshark
Muscle Nation logo

Muscle Nation People’s Choice Awards 2022

Website Experience Delivery Service
Website%20 experience 2022 Delivery%20 service 2022

Muscle Nation is one of Australia’s leading supplement and sports clothing brands, providing gym lovers around the country with quality solutions for an active and healthy lifestyle. 

When it comes to its activewear, Muscle Nation says each item is designed to be soft, stylish and sleek, allowing customers to get the most out of their exercise time. 

Muscle Nations has nabbed a gold in the website experience People’s Choice Award category for 2022.

Muscle Nation Online Sports Clothing
Source: Muscle Nation
Stax logo

Stax People’s Choice Awards 2022

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Range of Products
Outstanding%20 customer%20 satisfaction 2022 Range%20of%20 products 2022

Australian-owned and operated STAX may be the new kid on the block, but it is already proving to be a crowd favourite. Founded in 2015, STAX says it is all about blending a perfect mix of fashion and fitness while dressing every person at every size. 

Both women's and men’s clothing have a wide range of sizes available, starting at XXS and going up to 4XL. On the STAX website, you can easily compare the many colour variations of each design and use the sizing chart to find your perfect fit. 

Coming out on top in both the outstanding customer satisfaction and range of product award categories, STAX is certainly one of Australia's favourite online sports clothing brands

Stax Online Sports Clothing
Source: Stax
Fila logo

Fila People’s Choice Awards 2022

Value for Money
Value%20for%20 money 2022

First established in Italy in 1911, Fila is an international sports and lifestyle brand. Fila believes that its clothing offers the perfect combination of sports and streets, fusing comfort and functionality across its t-shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits and more. 

Customers were Impressed by Fila’s selection of budget-friendly activewear this year, with the brand recognised with the value for money People's Choice Award.

Fila Online Sports Clothing
Source: Fila
Jordan logo

Jordan People’s Choice Awards 2022

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction
Outstanding%20 customer%20 satisfaction 2022

Inspired by basketball player, Michael Jordan, Jordan is a sports clothing brand produced and sold by Nike.  Made with iconic prints and breathable fabrics, many of Jordan’s clothing collections are influenced by famous sports teams and athletes. 

In the People’s Choice Awards, Jordan received honours in the coveted outstanding customer satisfaction award category.

Jordan Online Sports Clothing
Source: Jordan
Lorna Jane logo

Lorna Jane People’s Choice Awards 2022

Website Experience
Website%20 experience 2022

Founded in 1989 by Australian fitness instructor Lorna Jane Clarkson, Lorna Jane is a sports clothing brand that says it has pioneered the activewear clothing movement. 

Exclusively a brand for women, Lorna Jane sells all sorts of athletic clothing, from tights to swimwear and even maternity wear. Shoppers can use the website fabric matchmaker to find their ideal fabric by simply answering a few questions like the texture they are after, what aesthetic and what activity they plan to wear the clothing for. 

This year Lorna Jane has been voted as one of Australia's favourite online clothing brands for website shopping experiences.

Lorna Jane Online Sports Clothing
Source: Lorna Jane


How many online sports clothing brands were considered for the Mozo People’s Choice Awards?

52 different retailers were voted into this year's awards. To see the complete list check out the People’s Choice Methodology Report - September 2022.

How did you determine the winners for each Online Sports Clothing Brand Award?

A whopping 3,204 Australians had their say in the online sports clothing brands People’s Choice Awards. The brands that had received at least 30 votes were considered in contention. To separate the winners, the Mozo judges ranged these brands in order of average rating and decided on an appropriate cut-off point. To learn more about the awards process, visit the People’s Choice Methodology Report - September 2022.

I work for one of the winning online sports clothing brands. How can we promote our award win?

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