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  • Home Loan review

    Overall rating   0 / 10
    get punished for being loyal customer

    - treats new customers well. journey is different once you become a customer - get punished for being a loyal customers - you will get very quick response if you are to become a new customer -they don't have discharge certificate online -getting discharge certificate is pain. they will purposefully delay or won't respond be careful

    G sap, Australian Capital Territory, reviewed 10 days ago
  • Used Car Loan (Up to 4 years old, Fixed, Secured) review

    Overall rating   0 / 10

    I applied for a car refinance after checking with them if my employment status was ok for them to proceed (length of employment 5.5 months, and passed probation after 3 months and became permanent on the 4th month). They said bare minimum is 3 months so I qualify. After loan got approved and pending settlement the lending officer called me just the day before settlement and said I don't qualify as my employment contract shows a date of the 4th month. I advised this is the conversation we had before application where I told I became permanent last month hence applying now. He asked for supporting letter from employer mentioning length of employment, but when that was passed he called me and having few sips and said the application declined. Few years back I had an interview with these guys, I sacrificed and wanted to step back from my IT account management background to switch to Finance. But in the interview board 1 young guy came in the hoodies, and 1 young lady asked to me to roll play, and gave me script saying this is a warm genuine lead and I will need to finalise the deal. When I started roll play, and introduced me saying I was following on this lead, the lady interviewer said "NOT INTERESTED". I said you called us for a loan and spoke to such and such persona and I am the lending officer calling you to discuss. SHE AGAIN SAID "NOT INTERESTED". That's the day I realised that I was seeing some ametures and pretty bad company. But after this application experience years later, my belief is now set in stone. They should either work hard, or sacrifice their licence. Such a joke!

    Tan, New South Wales, reviewed about 1 month ago
  • New Car Loan (Including Demo, Fixed, Secured) review

    Overall rating   3 / 10
    Wasted my time.

    I was told after wasting a fair amount of time completing an online application and liaising with a customer service representative that I was ineligible for a car loan because I’d qualified for JobKeeper. Even though my business had recovered strongly after an initial dip at the beginning of the pandemic. If lenders are going to apply blanket rules such as these, they need to be stated up front. As a self employed small business person, I don’t have this kind of time to waste.

    10 / 10
    10 / 10
    Customer service
    3 / 10
    1 / 10
    Alicia, Victoria, reviewed 12 months ago
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