Easter shoppers cop eggs-orbitant markups

With Easter hitting the calendar this Sunday, supermarkets are stuffed with chocolate selections of bunnies, eggs and bilby varieties. But watch out for egg-orbitant mark-ups. 

Mozo investigated and compared the Easter selections of brands Cadbury, Lindt, Red Tulip and Haighs. It found the biggest markups of among the seasonal chocolate treats were those enclosed in gift boxes.

“We were shocked. While Lindt had modest markups under 40% for a solo Easter bunny or egg, putting a bunny and an egg in a fancy box resulted in an eggs-traordinary 233% markup,” said Mozo Director Kirsty Lamont. 

While there were plenty of pricey bunnies in boxes and eggs with ribbons, Mozo discovered one Easter option with a lower price than regular chocolate.

“We managed to find a bag of Cadbury foil-wrapped eggs that was actually cheaper than the Dairy Milk block by unit price,” said Lamont.

The most expensive chocolate Easter furry friend of all was the Haigh’s bilby at $11.36 per 100 grams. This is quite a figure compared to the Red Tulip Elegant Rabbit at only $3. But the bonus feature of picking the bilby is that part of the proceeds go towards rabbit pest control in Australia.

“Just don’t tell the Easter bunny!” Lamont said. 

Mozo’s tips for the Easter bunny to choose wisely:

  • Select mini eggs wrapped in foil for the best value in major supermarkets.
  • Instead of paying for pre-packaged gifts twice the price, use trimmings from the Reject Shop and DIY instead.
  • Don’t be scared to stray from the old favourites. Try eggs from the Aldi Easter selection which are usually imported from Belgium and cost far less.
  • Make unique (and cheaper) gifts by pouring white cooking chocolate coloured with food dye into Easter-themed moulds. Stick it in the fridge overnight and you’ll have handmade chocolates!