Mozo People’s Choice Awards highlight Australia’s favourite banks

The Mozo People’s Choice Awards are back to shine a spotlight on Australians’ favourite banks and providers. And this year marks the tenth year that they’ve been running - a pretty big milestone if you ask us!

Last month, we asked more than 3,600 Australians how satisfied they were with their financial institutions. We wanted to know how much they trust their bank, how friendly bank staff are, what the overall customer service is like and whether or not they’d recommend the bank to friends and family.

Unlike the Mozo Experts Choice Awards, our team has no say in determining the winners - that comes down to the attitudes and opinions of everyday Aussies.

“The Mozo People’s Choice Awards are all about the customers themselves having their say. Every bank claims it scores well on customer satisfaction, these awards highlight the ones whose customers actually agree,” said Mozo Data Services Director AJ Duncanson.

Here are just some of the standouts from the 2019 Mozo People’s Choice Awards.


As an online bank with a reputation for simple, good value products, it's no wonder Aussies are flocking to ING. Along with a number of excellent offerings, ING promotes financial empowerment for its customers, details its commitment to sustainability in an annual statement, and supports community partnerships through its Dreamstarter initiative.

All this is certainly keeping customers happy, with ING scooping up wins in the Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, Mobile Banking Experience and Most Recommended categories this year.

We love: The ING Orange Everyday. This bank account charges no ATM fees at home or overseas, and is a Mozo Experts Choice Award winner to boot.

Bendigo Bank

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Bendigo Bank over the years, it’s that its customers are genuine fans of the bank. What’s more, that loyalty goes both ways. Bendigo Bank frequently gives back to the community in the form of scholarship programs, funding of community endeavours, and partnerships with various charitable institutions, such as Oxfam Australia and RSPCA.

Add to that its range of quality products and renowned customer service and it’s no wonder Bendigo Bank swept seven categories in this year’s People’s Choice Awards - the second year in a row it’s managed such a feat.

We love: The Bendigo Bank Term Deposit. If you’re looking to boost your savings stash, this one will earn you 2.25% p.a. if you lock away $5,000 or more for 7 months.

Heritage Bank

Heritage Bank was a big hit with Aussies this year, taking home a staggering five Mozo People’s Choice Awards. It picked up wins in the Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, Excellent Customer Service, Highly Trusted, Staff Friendliness and Most Recommended categories.

With origins dating back to 1875, Heritage Bank has gone on to become Australia’s largest customer-owned bank. Since it’s not beholden to shareholders, its profits go back to its customers in the form of better value, not to mention support for local charities, sporting clubs and other worthwhile initiatives.

We love: The Heritage Bank Gold Low Rate Credit Card. It comes with a stellar 11.80% purchase rate, no annual fee, and has even picked up a Mozo Experts Choice Award.

Bank Australia

Rounding out our list of star performers is Bank Australia, proving that its focus on responsible investing goes over well with Aussies. It scored big in the Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, Excellent Customer Service, Highly Trusted and Most Recommended categories.

By ruling out investment in things like fossil fuels and live animal exports and focussing on industries that advance social and environmental causes, Bank Australia has attracted thousands of people who’ve been after a bank with values in line with their own.

What’s more, Bank Australia is customer-owned, meaning that its members have a say in how it operates. This includes where it invests its profits, how much its directors receive in salary, and which community and environmental initiatives it should turn its attention to.

We love: The Bank Australia Basic Home Loan. Owner occupiers can snag a competitive 3.76% p.a. variable rate, and Bank Australia sweetens the deal with no application or ongoing fees.

And there’s plenty more where that came from. If you want to check out the rest of Australia’s favourite banking providers or learn more about the Mozo People’s Choice Awards and how they were determined, check out the full list of winners.