Optus vs. Telstra NBN plans

Optus vs. Telstra NBN plans

With so many different internet service providers around, it can be hard knowing where to start. But that’s what we’re here for - to help you compare options so you can make the right decision for you.

So, let’s start by looking at two of the biggest players in the Aussie broadband scene: Optus and Telstra.

Optus vs Telstra: Speed tiers

In the table below, you’ll find a list of the typical NBN speeds available in Australia compared to what speeds are available at Optus and Telstra.

Typical speed tiers:Available at Optus:Available at Telstra:
NBN 12 (Basic I): 
• Off-peak download speed: Up to 12Mbps
• Very basic speed for lone internet users
NBN 25 (Basic II):
• Off-peak download speed: Up to 25Mbps
• A budget-friendly option for a 1-2 person household.
NBN 50 (Standard): 
Off-peak download speed: Up to 25Mbps
• Most popular for families or households with 2-4 people
NBN 100 (Fast):
Off-peak download speed: Up to 100Mpbs
• Very fast speed tier. Suited to big families, gamers or those with demanding internet needs
NBN 250 (Superfast):
• Off-peak download speed: Up to 250Mpbs
• This super-fast tier is newer to the market & requires an FTTP or HFC NBN connection.
• Suitable for small businesses or high internet use households
NBN 1000 (Ultrafast):
Off-peak download speed: Up to 1000Mbps
• The fastest speed around. However, it requires an FTTP or HFC connection, and only about 50% of HFC connections can manage 1000Mbps.

Compare Optus NBN Plans:

Optus offers both 24-month plans and no-contract month to month NBN plans which have a minimum term of one month. With a month to month plan, you won’t be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel.

Optus NBN comes with no start-up fee. However, you might incur an installation fee if you request a technician to set it up for you where a self-install option is available.

You might also be charged additional fees if you’re setting up an NBN connection for the first time at a dwelling in a new development or for any additional lines or non-standard installations. Be sure to check the terms and conditions for a rundown on any other costs.

Optus NBN plans:

Check out Optus’ huge range of NBN plans below:

Compare Telstra NBN Plans:

All of Telstra’s NBN plans are contract-free. However, if you cancel within the first 24 months, you’ll have to pay a prorated modem fee which works out to be approximately $9 for each month left in the two-year term.

When you sign up for a Telstra NBN plan online, you won’t be charged the $99 connection fee (this excludes Fixed Wireless). Most of Telstra’s NBN plans offer unlimited data.

Telstra NBN plans:

Here are some of the different NBN plans available at Telstra:

Optus vs Telstra: NBN bundles & extras

After a little more than just the basics in your broadband plan? Then let’s look at some of the different perks and optional extras available with an Optus or Telstra NBN plan.

Optus NBN plan extras:

Here are some of the perks included with most Optus NBN plans, plus some optional extras you’ll be able to choose from.

Plan extras:

  • Optus Sport: Most Optus NBN plans come bundled with Optus’ streaming service, Optus Sport, which offers the biggest soccer catalogue in Australia. It’s also currently the exclusive Australian home to Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Nations League, UEFA Euro and UEFA Europa.
  • OS Fitness: An Optus Sport subscription also gets you access to loads of different workouts via OS Fitness

Optional bundles:

  • Fetch TV: You’ll also have the option to bundle Fetch TV for convenience, an entertainment platform that offers loads of different channels, movies and TV shows. It also lets you access Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, WatchESPN and other streaming services from the one device. However, you'll still need a subscription for each service. To use Fetch TV, you’ll need the physical set-top box.

Telstra NBN plan extras:

Below are some of the cool extras you’ll find included with most Telstra NBN plans, as well as some of the optional extras you can choose to bundle with your plan.

Plan extras:

  • All Telstra NBN plans come with a second-generation Telstra Smart Modem with 4G mobile back-up, which you can use in an outage or while you wait for your NBN to be activated.
  • Telstra Plus: You’ll also get access to the Telstra Plus perks program, where you can earn points per dollar spent on your monthly bill. You’ll be able to redeem your points on gadgets or discounted phones. Other perks include cheaper movie tickets (T’s & C’s apply), discounted tickets to select sporting events, presale tickets for select concerts/events and more.
  • Free public Wi-Fi via Telstra Air.
  • Binge: At the moment, new customers can score three months off a subscription with Binge, Foxtel’s streaming service.

Optional bundles:

  • Telstra TV: For $9 a month, you can add a Telstra TV set-top box to your NBN plan. Much like Optus’ Fetch TV set-top box, Telstra TV gives you access to streaming services such as Binge, Netflix, Kayo, and Stan (however, you'll need to have a subscription for each service).
  • Foxtel: You could score a discounted rate on Foxtel for the first year by bundling it with your Telstra NBN bill.
  • Xbox All Access: By bundling an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S with your Telstra NBN plan as an entertainment option, you can pay the console off over 24 months instead of paying for it upfront. You'll also receive a Game Pass Ultimate subscription (A.K.A Microsoft’s ‘Netflix for gaming’ service) which gives you access to loads of Xbox and PC titles.
  • Kayo Sports: By adding Kayo to your Telstra NBN bill, you could receive a $10 per month discount for the first year. Speaking of which, you can also add Netflix to your bill for convenience. However, you won’t receive a discounted subscription.

Compare other NBN plans:

If you’ve compared both Optus and Telstra’s NBN plans and aren’t quite set on either - not to worry, there are plenty more options to choose from. Here are some other NBN plans to consider:

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