Tangerine Telecom Broadband plans

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Since the NBN first rolled out in 2009, Tangerine Telecom has provided internet users with a range of flexible plans, all featuring unlimited data.

About Tangerine Telecom:

NBN users across the country have had access to Melbourne-based Tangerine Telecom’s plans for almost a decade. The internet provider specialises in broadband, with plan speed tiers that range from basic speeds all the way up to premium speeds.

If non-stop data is what you’re looking for, then it doesn’t matter what plan you choose with Tangerine Telecom because all of them include unlimited data. Plus, there are no set-up fees, and you can BYO modem for $0 extra or purchase one from Tangerine (prices start from $179.90 upfront).

Other Tangerine Telecom Broadband plans

Check some of Tangerine Telecom’s broadband offerings below:

How to sign up with Tangerine Telecom

To sign up to one of Tangerine Telecom’s Mozo Experts Choice Award-winning plans, simply use their online service tool to select your NBN speed, modem option and whether you’d like to add a phone plan bandwidth boost for an extra bit of speed during peak times. 

The fee for the first month of your NBN plan is then charged at sign-up, plus any one-off NBN modem charges. If you have any issues with the signup process, contact Tangerine Telecom’s technical support team who are available seven days a week.

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^See information about the Mozo Experts Choice Broadband Awards.