Ford vs. Holden. Gumtree Cars settles the nationwide debate

By Rhianna Dews ·

The nationwide debate that's divided Aussies for generations has finally been settled. Ford versus Holden? Well, according to data from Gumtree Cars, neither!

The model that took first place on Gumtree Cars' official list of the top 10 most wanted secondhand cars by Aussies was none other than the Mazda 3. However, since five of the top ten cars were Toyota's, the real question now is, Mazda or Toyota?

Gumtree's data also found that when it comes to picking out a used car, 86% of Aussies tend to go for reliability, 48% for comfort, while the deciding factor for 29% of Aussies is based on the car’s looks.

But the most important factors to Aussies when buying a car are the sale price (25%), fuel efficiency (23%), engine size and performance (14%), followed by its reputation (12%), look and style (8%) and resale value (6%).

With cost being the biggest car-shopping concern for a quarter of Aussies, if you’re looking to buy a used car, then you might be wondering how you’re going to pay for it. While a secondhand car is usually cheaper than buying brand new, paying for the total cost upfront might not be an option for you.

One way to cover the cost of the car would be to take out a used car loan. Just like you might take out a personal loan to buy a brand new car, a used car loan is specifically designed to cover the cost of a secondhand car purchase.

Most used car loans have set eligibility criteria, like age restrictions which usually require that the car is at least 2-years of age or more. So double-check that the car you’re planning to buy meets any criteria before applying for the loan.

To get you started here are some ripper used car loan deals to help cover the cost!

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Rhianna Dews
Rhianna Dews
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