Flybuys and eBay team up to give Aussies the chance to earn points on their online shop

Australia’s largest online shopping destination and it’s most popular loyalty rewards program have announced a new partnership that’s set to see Aussies earn and redeem flybuys points with 40,000 Aussie retailers on

In a move that will benefit Aussie rewards lovers and small business retailers alike, Aussie shoppers can now link their eBay accounts to their flybuys membership and collect 1 point for every $2 spent on the online shopping platform.

When it comes to redeeming, 2,000 flybuys points can be cashed in for a $10 voucher, which can be used to buy any item on eBay. The program is free to join, and shoppers can sign up or link their existing flybuys card online via eBay.

“By simply linking your eBay and flybuys accounts, you can instantly start collecting points at the click of a button. There’s never been an easier way to collect and redeem loyalty rewards points from so many retailers via a single rewards program,” said Chief Marketing Officer Julie Nestor.

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To celebrate the launch of the new partnership, shoppers can also score the chance to earn flybuys points at 10 times that rate on their first purchase, a bonus offer Mozo Director Kirsty Lamont encouraged Aussies to take advantage of.

“This offer is a great way to kickstart your flybuys point balance. Plus, make sure you keep an eye peeled for other bonus offers as you shop to keep accelerating your earning,” she said.

Lamont’s other tips for getting the most out of your flybuys account include signing your family members up so everyone can earn points while shopping and tracking your points balance so you know when to cash in.

“By downloading the flybuys app, you can stay up-to-date on your points balance on the go. This helps you pick the perfect moment to redeem those points to get the most value out of your shopping. And remember, flybuys points on eBay don’t expire, so don’t panic and waste them on an impulse purchase!” she said.

Benefits for small business

According to Nestor, not only does the partnership create a convenient way for Aussies to get the most out of their online shopping, it will also benefit small business retailers on eBay.

“This partnership opens our small business retailers up to millions of active flybuys members,” she said.

New research shows 71% of small business retailers on felt a rewards program would be too expensive to set-up and maintain, despite 62% saying such a program would help their business compete with larger retailers.

“We have listened to our small business community who say that loyalty programs are something they would like to engage in but don’t have access to, which is where the power of the eBay platform comes in,” Nestor said.

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