Qantas invests in $7.2 million deal to woo more flyers into WA

Qantas and Tourism WA have joined forces to boost the state’s number of inbound visitors through a $7.2 million dollar marketing deal. Over three years, the initiative will involve special airfares, promotions and events.

“We’re very pleased to make this investment in encouraging more people from around the world and around the country to come and see what Western Australia has to offer,” said Qantas CEO, Gareth Evans.

Covering one-third of Australia’s total landmass, Western Australia boasts attractions such as an UNESCO World Heritage reef and popular wine region.

“The demand is certainly there. We’re seeing strong performance of our Singapore-Perth flight, which has expanded to a year-round service currently operating ten flights per week, increasing to double daily for the upcoming December – January peak travel period,” Evans said.

The Qantas CEO added that overseas visitors will typically visit two or three destinations when they holiday in Australia, so the campaign will partly target people landing on the east coast and tempt them to go west.

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