10 money topics to tune up on in 2023

Photo: Spencer Davis

Costly groceries. Larger energy bills. Higher home loan rates. It can all add up!

But the new year brings a chance to reset your money matters. Yes, it's time to park the financial woes and start some good habits! 

So to help, the following list offers resources about all of our most pressing money queries, from understanding interest rates to bringing down energy costs.

Start 2023 on the right financial footing!

Our 10 money tune-up topics are:

1. Interest rate moves - why have they moved so much and where are they now? 

2. Cost of living crisis
- it's all anyone talks about. What does it mean and how can you combat it?

3. Higher energy costs
- summer's here and the time is right to beat the heat - and energy bills!

4. Credit card switch
- don’t let debt mount, change to a more cost-effective card and maybe get some cashback in the process.

5. Home loan rates are up
- but don't throw your hands up, there's always a chance to refinance to a better interest rate.

6. Home for holiday TV?
There's loads to watch on Amazon Prime and we get you started with what's new - and some tidy broadband deals, too. 

7. Road trips need prep
- especially when it comes to insuring all drivers. We break down how to add a driver to your insurance and the potential costs involved. 

8. Time to save more
- but you'll possibly need a better savings rate. Time to get on the hunt for one!

9. Mobile phone plan just not adding up?
Here's how to change to a plan that's more your speed

10. If you're looking for a new car
in the new year, you could start with simple car loan comparisons.

Yes, there's a lot going on in the world of money, but at Mozo we're always striving to simplify the news and hot topics of the day. Be sure to visit our full range of guides to help you navigate it all and get the most out of your money!