Tired of new resolutions already? Try these easy tips to save money instead

Photo:Anete Lūsiņa

We're all about resolutions as the year starts, aren't we?

I think there's good intention behind these goals but if we're honest, many fall to the wayside by autumn. 

So what can be done about it? I figure the main issue is committing to lofty ideals. We all have a lot going on these days and sometimes adding to the pile doesn't help. Instead, little changes can go a long way.

So, it might be useful to take a more immediate and simplistic approach, at least when it comes to personal finances.

Below I've compiled a shortlist of basic money moves to help you get on track and without the pressure of living up to grand resolutions.

These tips are based on writing and research done by our team of expert writers here at Mozo. We cover these topics a great deal each year, so if something resonates with you, the links within offer more details. 

Note your bills in a calendar so you don't miss any

It's hard to overlook a red circle in texta - or a bright blue rectangle in Google, as it were. This is an easy way to get ahead of your major bills and plan to set aside money early. You know, budgeting.

Jot down your money habits

Money goals sound impressive at the dinner party, but if they're not your style, just start with some weekly notes - or simply track things in an app. If you know what you're trying to achieve each week (or month), you can better stay the course. For example, knowing how you have spent and what you're spending on can help highlight where you need to cut back - or even cut out!

Subscribe to a money podcast to learn and stay up to date

Yes, we have a pretty cool podcast here at Mozo called The Finance Burrito I'll vouch for, but there are others you can pop on for money tips too. 

Check your insurance policies to make sure they suit you

Premiums, disclosures and deductibles. Insurance can be fairly dry stuff. But taking a moment to review your policies is worth it to be sure you're not overpaying, or have a policy that's ill-suited to your needs. Our experts have actually picked the ones they think stand out.

Check your super and consolidate 

Super is one of those pieces of the personal finance pie that most people set and forget. But you might not be putting away as much money as possible - your choice of super fund matters, folks! As does rolling into one account, which will help you cut down on multiples fees.

Make a savings plan for the year

Hey, save! Okay, okay - try to save. Make a list of all your ongoing costs, then do a crystal ball list of upcoming expenses you expect in 2022. Are there any areas you can save on by choosing the right product? Could you compare and find a better deal elsewhere? There are ways to save, just try think ahead. 

If you're simply looking for a place to park your money, we've also compared the top savings accounts on the market to get you started.