Circles Life revolutionises mobile by letting customers set their plan price

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After making a splash last year with its cost of living price freeze, Circles Life has a new revolutionary offer for customers, the first of its kind in Australia: Pay What You Want mobile plans, starting at just $5 per month for 5G of data

Here’s what you need to know.

Pay What You Want mobile plans, an Australian cost of living first

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Launching today, the Pay What You Want mobile plans range from just $5 per month for 5G of data up to $45 per month for 100 GB. Better still, customers have the unique ability to adjust their plan and price in $1 increments. Want to just pay $7 a month? Set your price by toggling the button on the custom landing page, and then Circles Life will automatically scale the plan features to match. 

“Our industry is known for using opaque tactics such as forcing customers onto more expensive plans to get the latest handset, or ‘data rollover’ which is data you’ve paid for that you don’t need,” says the head of marketing and customer experience at Circles Life, Genevieve Brock.

“We are doing the untelco thing by giving Australians a genuine choice and transforming the inflexible world of telco to a flexible one. Our Pay What You Want deals are a first in the Australian telco industry, and we are excited to bring this innovation to our customers.”

According to research from Circles Life, the average Australian pays $63 per month for their mobile plan. By switching to the bare minimum $5 Pay What You Want tier, a customer could in theory save up to 92% on their monthly bill. 

Plus, Circles Life operates on the Optus 4G+ network, giving customers access to one of the largest mobile service areas in Australia. (Customers still reeling from the Optus hack, don’t worry: Circles Life reportedly wasn’t one of the MVNOs affected). 

The plan is available to current users hoping to switch, or to new users who sign up between 16 February and 30 April.

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