Telstra mobile plans are now 100 per cent carbon neutral

A collage of two phones facing each other, with hands reaching out for a big green fern in the centre.

Telstra announced this morning that all of its mobile phone plans are now certified as 100% carbon neutral, joining the likes of Belong and Felix mobile.

As Australia’s largest telecommunications company, this is a big milestone towards action on climate change. 

Telstra’s carbon neutrality has been achieved by purchasing carbon credits to offset its own emissions. So, while these offsets aren’t actually reducing Telstra’s own carbon footprint, the idea is that they are investing in projects that can help tackle climate change elsewhere. 

How Telstra’s carbon neutral initiative works

Telstra says its offsetting project relates to its SIM cards and the energy that powers its network. It doesn’t offset your actual phone, however.

The point is, if you are a mobile customer and want to play a role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, your use of the Telstra mobile network is now said to be ‘carbon neutral’. 

This applies to all Telstra pre and postpaid consumer plans, small business and enterprise mobile plans, and mobile broadband plans.

Further still, Telstra customers can use the Telstra Plus points they accrue each month to support both local and global climate projects that help reduce, avoid or remove emissions from the atmosphere.

A path toward reducing emissions

The telco says that it has strict criteria when sourcing carbon credits, ensuring that the projects and technologies they support are real, verifiable, and provide actual value. 

That being said, Telstra says that the ‘main game’ for the company is to reduce its actual emissions through a three-pronged approach, involving:

  • Reducing emissions by a minimum of 50% by 2023
  • Helping to generate enough renewable energy to match its consumption by 2025
  • Reducing emissions that haven’t yet been offset, dating back to 2020. 

If green, ethical, and sustainable finance is something you’re interested in, then consider looking into a mobile phone plan that takes care of you and your planet. Telstra, Belong, and Felix mobile are all 2022 Mozo Experts Choice Award winners and among some of the best mobile phone plans

Check out some of the latest Telstra plans below, now with 100% carbon-neutral certification.