People's Choice Awards 2015

Forget industry awards where banks scratch each other's backs. Mozo presents the People's Choice Awards, based on 34,000+ real customer reviews, so you can see the honour roll of Australian banks, credit unions, building societies, credit cards, loans and accounts, as voted by Australia. See our People's Choice Insurance award winners here.

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About the People’s Choice

Mozo founded the People's Choice Awards for two reasons: to give banking customers a real voice in the money marketplace; and to give Australia's true stars the chance to shine.

Over the course of 12 month ending 3 September 2015 we collated close to 35,000 customer reviews and ratings. This represents one of the largest financial conversations in the country, and the results offer a genuine consumer survey on banks, credit cards, loans and savings products.

Customers were asked to rate their banking provider on overall satisfaction, price, features, customer service, convenience and trust. This year over 170 providers were rated, across one or more product categories. To be eligible for an award, providers must be open and accessible to all Australian residents and have received at least 30 reviews in a product category in the past 12 months.

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