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Expert tips for finding the best online shopping deals

Online shopping from the comfort of your own home is awesome. There is no more waiting in long checkout lines or searching through crowded racks - everything is at your fingertips.

Most importantly, shopping online allows you to effortlessly “comparison shop” and seek out the best bargains available. But, whether you’re new to online shopping or a seasoned bargain hunter, there’s always room to improve when it comes to saving money. 

Mozo’s money experts have put together some tips and tricks to getting the best deal possible

  • Sign up for the promo emails from your favourite retailers. If you have particular shops or brands that you love to buy from, sign up for their promotional emails. Often retailers will send you information about new stock, as well as discount codes and warning of an upcoming sale. If you’re wary of overloading your inbox with promos, then create a new email address specifically for retailers’ updates. Then you have a searchable database of shopping information and discounts curated for you.
  • If there’s something you’ve had your eye on, try leaving it in your online basket for a while. All experienced online shoppers have become fixated on a particular item at least once. Whether it’s the perfect dress or a video game, try putting it in your online shopping basket and leave it hanging for a while. As many retailers are keen to sell products, sometimes they will send you a discount code to encourage you to check out faster. 
  • Choose in-store pick up to cut shipping costs. Can’t get over overpaying for shipping? Opt for click & collect if there’s a location near you. It’s worth it to skip the extra fee.
  • Don’t impulse buy. You should always do a quick search to see if it’s available for less somewhere else. Something incredible catches your eye. Before you pull the trigger on that purchase, it’s worth it to do a quick search to double-check that it’s not available for a lower price at another retailer.
  • Plan to buy your big-ticket items during sales periods. There are significant purchases that we sometimes just have to make in life, such as getting a new laptop for school or replacing an old couch. If possible, it’s best to wait until retailers have their big sales events to make these expensive investments.  The key sales periods, such as Black Friday or after-Christmas, often offer blanket percentage discounts. And when you’re buying a particularly pricey item, even 10% off is still a considerable amount of money saved.

  • When browsing a sale, double-check the original prices. To make a discount seem larger than it really is during sales, some retailers sneakily up the original pre-sale price. So, be sure to double-check the original pricepoint to make sure you’re getting as good of a bargain as possible.

  • When shopping for clothes, you’ll get the best deals if you buy off-season. All savvy online shoppers know to make a beeline to the sale section of the website. But the savviest plan their winter wardrobes in summer and vice versa.  During the heat of Aussie summer, winter coats and boots, which can be pretty pricey, are often slashed way down. Similarly, the chill of winter is the best time to invest in some fancy new bathers at a fraction of the usual price.

  • Clear the cache on your computer before starting your shopping session. It’s always a good idea to either clear the cache on your internet browser or go on private browsing mode when shopping online.  Online retailers can use cookies to track your shopping habits and sometimes increase the price of an item if they see you have looked at it multiple times.  This is particularly true when searching for the best travel deal, so remember to go incognito when booking your next holiday.

  • Always know the store’s return policy. We all love the ease of online shopping, but sometimes you just don’t get what you thought you were buying. Before committing to a purchase, double-check the retailer’s return policy to ensure you’re covered. If you can’t find it listed anywhere on the site, then shoot an email to the general info email address usually listed in the ‘Help’, ‘FAQs’ or ‘Contact Us’ sections. If you don’t get a response within a day or two then that can speak volumes. You don’t want to be spending money at sites that don’t put time into their customer service. It’s never worth losing money at a dodgy retailer when there are so many quality stores out there

The best shopping sales events in Australia 

If you play your cards right, it’s possible to never pay full price when online shopping. Throughout the year, there are always sales events that allow Aussies to save a bundle on big-name items. 

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be hard to keep track of the retail calendar, so we’ve compiled a helpful list of the landmark sales events in Australia. Get shopping!



Sales event


Throughout January

Back to school sales - An opportunity to get all the things your kids need for a successful school year. Save big on everything from tech to school shoes. Check out our back to school savings tips.

End of January

End of Summer sales - The perfect time to grab some heavily discounted summer essentials for the following year.

Australia Day (Jan 26th)

Australia Day sales - More and more Australia Day sales can be spotted each year. From fashion to electronics, you can find great deals over the long weekend.


Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th)

Valentine’s Day sales - Looking for the perfect something for that special someone? Many top retailers offer deals leading up to the most romantic day of the year.


Easter (date varies)

2022 - April 17th

Easter long weekend sales - Many stores jump on the long weekend as an opportunity to have a sale. Browse your favourite online retailers while munching on chocolate. 

ClickFrenzy Travel (date varies)

ClickFrenzy Travel -  Grab great bargains on all things travel on shopping during ClickFrenzy’s special travel sale.


Mother’s Day (second Sunday in May)

Mother's Day sales - Some shops offer discounts and deals leading up to Mother’s Day, so you can both save money and show mum how important she is.

ClickFrenzy Mayhem (varies in the third week of May)

ClickFrenzy Mayhem - Designed for retailers to gain extra traffic before the end of the financial year, Mayhem offers you considerable discounts from big brands.


Amazon Prime Day (varies)

Amazon Prime Day - Exclusively for Amazon Prime members, it’s two days of deals on products from small businesses & top brands. See Amazon Prime Day deals and shopping guide.

End of the financial year (June 30)

EOFY sales - Sales celebrating a new fiscal year often begin before the official date and sometimes carry into July. You can find deals on everything from fashion and beauty to tech and home goods. Check out our EOFY sales hub for information on where to find the best deals.


Beginning of July

Winter Sales - Hit the sales and get a discounted cozy new winter coat or even some cold-weather essentials, such as electric blankets and heaters.

ClickFrenzy Julove (varies)

ClickFrenzy Julove  - 

The online shopping portal hosts its annual July event, offering big sales from big brands.


Afterpay Day (varies)

Afterpay day - A celebration for the giant buy now pay later platform, participating retailers offer discounts for members. 


Father’s Day (first Sunday of September)

Father’s Day sales - In the time leading up to Father’s Day, stores offer sales on dad-friendly buys, such as gadgets and men’s fashion.


Labour Day (first Monday of October)

Labour Day sales - Retailers celebrate the long weekend with discounts on a wide range of items. 

End of October

Black Friday early bird sales - Although Black Friday isn’t until late November, many retailers will begin piecing out their sales offers well in advance.


ClickFrenzy (beginning of November)

ClickFrenzy - The Main Event - Known for its bonkers 99% off deals, this 53-hour sales marathon is not one to be missed. See the ClickFrenzy deals. 

Black Friday (last Friday of November)

Black Friday sales - The perfect time to grab everything on your Christmas list at a great price. Originally American, Black Friday has become one of the largest shopping events in Australia.

Cyber Monday (the Monday following Black Friday)

Cyber Monday sales - Created initially as the online version of Black Friday, the two sales events have merged into a mega sales weekend. While most retailers will offer the same discounts for the whole period, other brands will have Cyber Monday-specific sales, so be sure to double-check.


Green Monday (second Monday of December)

Green Monday sales - Years ago, this marked the last day that shipping was available in time for Christmas. Although shipping times have improved, it’s still a reason to have a sale.

Free Shipping Day (December 15th)

Free Shipping Day - Many online retailers offer free shipping to celebrate the final day that they will guarantee arrival for Christmas.

Boxing Day (December 26th)

Boxing Day sales - One of the biggest shopping days on the Aussie calendar, Boxing Day sales are an excellent opportunity to save on big-ticket items. See our Boxing Day Sales Hub.  

What payment options do I have when shopping online?

From the comfort of your couch, you can utilise the same payment methods you would if you were standing at the cashier. There are many great payment options to choose from when shopping online.

As you do when you’re shopping on the high street, you can use your credit card when online shopping - and at pretty much any retailer. Enter your details at checkout and the payment will be processed digitally. You can also use a rewards credit card to earn member or airline points on your purchases, which you can bank for a future trip or more discounts down the line.

You don’t have to have a credit card to shop online. You can purchase items digitally using your debit card. Just the same as shopping with your credit card, enter your bank card details at check out.

Looking for a great debit card? Mozo compares cards from Australia’s major banks to help you avoid fees and select the right card for your online shopping.

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is another possible payment option for online shopping. If you use a BNPL service such as Zip or Afterpay, you can do so with little to no upfront costs and then pay back the balance in interest-free instalments.

These platforms require you to sign up for an account before using them and usually need to be linked to a credit or debit card. 

It’s important to remember that not all retailers accept every type of BNPL service. So double-check that the store you’re browsing online partners with your particular BNPL platform.

Want to find out more about Buy Now Pay Later options that are available in Australia right now? Jump over to our Buy Now Pay Later hub for more info!

Top tips for spending responsibly when shopping online

Online shopping has become a normal part of everyday life. Shops that used to be miles away are now right at our fingertips. At the push of a button, you can order nearly anything your heart desires. So, it’s understandable that online spending can sometimes get out of hand. Check out these helpful online shopping tips to curb spending and keep your finances healthy.

  • Buy what you need, not what you want - It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of online shopping and be tempted to treat yourself to something expensive, but remember, this attitude can be risky. Indulging impulse buys can lead to racking up bills you can’t afford or wasting your hard-earned savings. Really consider if an item is something you need and that you will use long-term, not just something you want at the moment.
  • Be on top of the sales - If you keep a lookout for deals at your favourite online retailers, you can save a bundle. Lots of sites have seasonal sales events, slashing prices on items from tech to fashion and beauty. So, if you’re shopping online, try and stick to the sales. Your wallet will thank you.
  • Bank your savings - Scoring a deal online is great, but it’s not worth that much if you don’t put the money you save aside. If you don’t have one, open up a savings account and earn interest on your savings. Your bargain hunting can help you save towards a deposit on a house or your dream holiday!
  • Only buy from sites you trust - When shopping online, if something seems too good to be true, it usually is! Don’t rush to enter your credit card info without double-checking that the retailer is trustworthy. Look for "https" in the address bar, or look for a tiny padlock icon in the lower right-hand corner of your browser. 
  • Don’t shop to pass the time - There’s something relaxing about sitting back at home, browsing your favourite stores, adding things you’ll never buy to your digital basket. But remember, don’t buy yourself something because you’re bored. It’s all too easy to rack up debt if you use shopping as entertainment or comfort. 
  • If you’ve overspent, stop - If you feel like you’ve overdone it and your debts are getting on top of you, it’s most important to avoid online shopping altogether. There are amazing resources to help you get your finances back on track, such as the National Debt Helpline, as well as Mozo’s budget calculator.

Sales Calendars and Details for your favourite retailers

Find out everything you need to know about your favourite Australian retailers including information about their sales events, how to save, how much they make in revenue and answers to FAQs.

  • Myer Sales. Myer is one of the biggest retailers in Australia, with over 50 stores around the country as well as an online store. Myer is known for holding multiple sales every year, including their Mid-Year Sale, Click Frenzy and multiple Super Weekend Sales. Find out more about these sales and when they occur so you can prepare to shop and save at Myer.

  • David Jones Sales. Luxury department store David Jones first opened in 1838 in Sydney. There are now over 40 stores around Australia as well as an online business. David Jones holds various sales throughout the year including Afterpay Day, Black Friday and Boxing Day. Find out all about David Jones’s sales so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to save!