Mozo People's Choice Awards 2019

The 2019 Mozo People’s Choice Awards are based on real customer feedback. Check out the honour roll of Australia’s favourite Banking, Insurance and Household services as voted by Australia.

Mozo People's Choice Awards 2019

About the People's Choice

For a decade now, the Mozo People’s Choice Awards have brought the power to the people, by asking Aussie customers which banks, energy providers and insurers excel at what they do to reveal Australia's favourite organisations.

This year Mozo surveyed 3,690 Aussies in an IPSOS survey, and asked which services and providers they preferred. Customers were asked to rate their banks or service providers across a range of important factors, including customer satisfaction, customer service, friendliness, trust and whether they’d recommend them to others.

And for the first time in 2019, we’ve expanded our categories to include everyday household services which are becoming a bigger part of Aussie’s budgets, such as NBN, online food delivery and movie & TV streaming services.

“When you’re choosing a new service provider, whether it’s for your home loan or your NBN plan, most people ask around for recommendations. Well, the Mozo People’s Choice Awards give you the chance to benefit from recommendations by thousands of Aussies all across the country,” said Mozo Data Services Director, AJ Duncanson.

In 2019, we received survey data on 141 different banking institutions, 101 home and car insurers, 32 electricity retailers and a total of 144 service providers across categories like online grocery services, NBN retailers and online pet suppliers. For details on how we determined the award winners, see our methodology report

Frequently Asked Questions

How did we collect customer votes?

Mozo commissioned IPSOS, a globally recognised leader in survey management, to conduct a survey to measure people’s attitudes and opinions towards their current providers of a range of services.

A total of 3,690 individuals were surveyed in April 2019. Respondents were asked a series of questions about their satisfaction and experiences in the categories above.

In each area, people were asked to nominate the companies they use, and then to rank them out of 10 in a range of factors including overall customer satisfaction, service and whether they’d recommend them to others, and depending on the industry they were also asked to rate on things like product range, delivery service, friendliness and trust.

What providers were considered?

All providers of these services are eligible. The survey contained extensive lists of provider names to choose from, but respondents were also able to enter any that were not on the initial list.

How were the winners chosen?

The survey asked people to rate their provider on a range of different factors.

To determine award winners, the judges ranked all providers who received at least 30 responses in order by average rating. In each award category, the winners circle was chosen to reflect the top 10% of providers, however judge’s discretion was applied in various circumstances - including to reduce the number of winners when there was a clear gap between groups within the top 10%, to increase the number of winners when those just outside the 10% were equally worthy, and to extend winners lists, where a market is dominated by state-based providers so that the best nationally recognised brands could also feature.

While IPSOS conducted the survey and compiled the ratings, all decisions about the conferring of awards were Mozo’s responsibility.

I work for one of the companies awarded, how do we promote our award win?

Please get in touch with us to discuss by email, or phoning our advertising sales team on 02 9037 4368.


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