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    Overall rating   1 / 10
    Flooded property - CHU terrible

    My house was flooded in the storms in January 2020. I had water coming in through the roof into my walls, as welll as flooding the entire downstairs of my home - lounge and kitchen- grey or brown water. CHU did nothing. Literally. I sat in a mouldy rotting house until July. No driers, no inspection, nothing. Since then, despite my kitchen cabinetry collapsing, the company has refused to replace my kitchen benchtop or my oven. The benchtop swelled and the water damage is obvious. I have had to fight to prove the condition of my home prior to the flood (the previous tenant moved out in November - I had been in the place for a few weeks and it was in old but clean and tidy condition). This company has been hell to deal with. I had no electricity upstairs for a month as there was water in the walls. I was sleeping with and using a torch! They gave me 24 hours to pick floor tiles (from Bunnings - they send you a text with the code and you go look by yourself?!)- no consultation, they use only the lowest quality and literally, you need to provide a building report for everything. The other insurance I used - for contents - was fast, easy, they came the next day, installed driers and treated for mould, they ripped up my carpet, worked with me on plans and consulted well. They chose a good replacement - CHU use Bunnings and the cheapest level of quality. Don't use this company if you truly want to be insured. You will be out of pocket, no help for months, and nothing but headache. If you are going to go with them, do yourself a favour, take a photo of everything in your house. From the walls and joins, to the kitchen benchtops (above and under), every drawer, cupboard, tiles, showing condition. Do it regularly. Time stamp your photo. If you can find proof of quality of your home, keep it. They will only give you the cheapest nastiest replacements. Don't expect to be looked after, expect nothing but a headache.

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    Sonya, Queensland, reviewed about 2 months ago
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