The 10 Biggest Father of the Bride Speech Blunders

Ah, your wedding is just around the corner and you’re preparing yourself for the big moment at the wedding reception when...your dad gives his Father of the Bride speech (gulp). 

To ensure your dad gives the kind of speech you want (and won't look back on in horror), here's some DO NOT rules to share with your dad.

1. Get wasted on free booze

Yep there’s an open bar, a risky temptation for any Father of the Bride. He may assure you, “just a few to take the edge off before the speech” and those few champers lead him to swaying his way up the stage and delivering a speech that would shock the socks off the likes of Ozzy Osbourne. A good rule of thumb is to keep it to just one drink before the speech.

2. Bring up past boyfriends

Never. Full stop.

3. Blow his own trumpet

This wedding cost your dad an arm and a leg and everyone should know it! But tell him you will sing his praises in your speech and he can give his attention to those he thinks deserve a mention, such as thanking family who have flown in from overseas.

4. Thank each individual guest

On that note, thanking everyone from the limo driver through to your cousin twice removed will take a seriously long time. Instead he should create a short and concise thankyou shortlist.

5. Spill embarrassing stories

Remember that time when you wet your bed? That’s the story you don’t want your dad telling at your wedding.

He can still share funny stories like your quirky hobbies and characteristics without embarrassing you.

6. Mention divorce

“Weddings are for a lifetime...well hopefully” doesn’t exactly fit with the sentiment of your Big Day. So even if your dad is a divorcee, tell him to stay clear of the “d” word.

7. Get too emotional

While your wedding is a beautiful occasion, getting too emotional can be a bit of a party bummer. So the Father of the Bride should try to make his speech heartfelt with a bit of humour.

8. Speak for over 30 minutes

When he starts to hear coughing or yawning sounds it’s time to wrap up the speech by giving a short toast and passing the microphone back to the MC.

9. Mumble

There’s nothing worse than a wedding speech that no one can hear. So if public speaking isn’t something your dad is used to, tell him to take the time to practice his speech at home and work on his projection.

10. Talk about money

Even if you're tying the knot with someone who is loaded or your family is cashed up, it’s a good idea to keep money out of the Father of the Bride speech, as he may get a few cranky looks from the in laws.

Have we missed any Father of the Bride blunders? Let us know below!