Get free Disney Plus for a year with Telstra

Get free Disney Plus for a year with Telstra
(Image Credit: Disney+)

Did someone say “Disney movie marathon”? Or perhaps a binge-fest of Hannah Montana, That’s So Raven or any other classic Disney Channel show from the noughties?

Well, you could gain access to all this and more thanks to Telstra’s new offer, which comes with a free 1-year Disney Plus subscription.

Yep, that’s right! When you sign up to a broad range of Telstra NBN and mobile plans, you could score a free 12-month Disney Plus (A.K.A. the happiest streaming service on earth) subscription.

You’d be saving $11.99 per month or $119.99 a year!

The offer is available to new customers who sign up for select broadband plans. Please refer to Telstra's website to confirm if this deal is available for the plan that you select.

Eligibility requirements:

To score this epic deal, you’ll need to sign up to one of these plans by 28 March 2022 and then redeem the Disney Plus offer by 31 May 2022. 

In addition, you’ll need to be a new or returning Disney Plus subscriber. If you already have an active monthly subscription, you’ll first need to cancel it (and your paid-for service period will need to have ended) if you’d like to redeem this offer as a returning customer. 

If you have an annual subscription, then unless it expires before 31 May, you won’t be eligible for this offer (that is unless, of course, you created a new separate Disney Plus account). 

How to redeem the offer:

If you’re eligible (and have signed up to one of the above plans), you’ll get an email or SMS from Telstra with a link to redeem the offer. You’ll then need to use your Telstra ID to log in to the ‘Telstra Offers Hub’ page and click ‘redeem’.

Be aware that once your free year of Disney Plus ends, unless you cancel, you’ll automatically roll into a monthly subscription ($11.99 per month).

Eligible Telstra mobile plans:

Eligible Telstra NBN plans:

Eligible Telstra data-only plans:

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